Does an Event Moderator Need to be an Expert in the Subject he Hosts?

There are many different types of corporate, professional, and company events and conferences, and the vast majority of them need a host. Therefore, in the event hosting world, especially events that focus on specific or complex subjects, the following question often arises: does the event host need to be an expert or specialist in the field that will be the focus of the event? In order to answer this question, we first need to understand the role of an event host.

The Preparation Game

In addition to charisma, entertainment capabilities, and the ability to capture the audience’s attention and lead them and the event in the right direction, one of the central components of excellent and professional emcee services is preparation. A good event or conference host needs to prepare for every event that he is invited to emcee, from an intimate private occasion to a huge conference of an international corporation. Preparation is the key to success and it is the first step toward ensuring that the audience will have a smooth, high-quality experience.

But these preparations don’t mean becoming an expert or developing professional proficiency in a certain subject. The preparation is on a deep level – to understand the essence, significance, and objectives of the event, to understand the messages that need to be relayed, the atmosphere that the people throwing the event are looking for, to understand who the audience is, and so forth. Of course, there will be a certain degree of preparation to become familiar with the specific subject of the event or conference, but on a relatively superficial level. This is because the true preparation involves the entertainment and human aspects, in order to correctly build the event and precisely respond to the dynamics in real time.

How does a host prepare for an event?

  • Understanding the event: The host must form a clear understanding of the objectives and essence of the event, the schedule, the messages, and the type of audience. There is also a difference between hosting that is focused mainly on transitioning between the different parts of the content, and hosting that aims to provide a comical or entertaining break during the event.
  • Familiarity with the schedule and script of the event: Hosting also involves connecting between the different parts of the event and creating quality, entertaining transitions between them. Therefore, in order to prepare, the host needs to be very familiar with the script of the event and the order in which the different elements will happen.
  • Research: While the host does not need to be an expert or even especially familiar with the subject of the event, as aforementioned, research is part of the preparations. This means gleaning a basic understanding of the people who are organizing the event, the general subject, messages, the target audience, and so forth.

A host who also puts on a show

As is evident in the many quality events that Lior Suchard has hosted and hosts in Israel and all over the world, including for the biggest international organizations and brand names, a high-quality emcee who creates a special experience also puts on a show and adds special entertainment elements to the event.

The truth is that the primary, genuine role of a host at an event or conference is not to present his expertise in the subject of the event, but essentially to be an entertainment artist and put on an impressive, interactive show. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Entertains and involves the audience: A professional, leading event host needs to be entertaining, captivating, charismatic, and keep the audience involved throughout the entire event.
  2. Multifaceted: The host needs to be versatile and multifaceted, adapting himself to what is happening in real time and to a wide range of events and audiences. It is therefore clear why the expertise and skills of the host need to be much broader than a specific subject of an event.
  3. Spontaneity: Live events are unpredictable and dynamic by nature, and so the host must react precisely and in a quality way to unexpected situations, doing so with the humor characteristic of professional entertainers.
  4. Creating an unforgettable experience: At the end of the day, the host’s objective is to ensure that the event as a whole is enjoyable, fun, flows well, is effective and unforgettable for the attendees. This makes the entire event a success, boosting the content featured and achieving the goals of the organizers.

How a good host excels regardless of being familiar with the subject of the event

Again, as is so clearly evident, palpable, and powerful at events emceed by Lior Suchard, hosting is a type of stage art that draws inspiration from the worlds of entertainment and the worlds of content and message transmission. The winning combination of these components creates a wonderful, precise balance that lifts the event to new heights.

All of this brings us and you to the realization that a good event or conference host can create an excellent experience regardless of their expertise or knowledge of the specific subject of the event. This is thanks to the correct professional preparations, great entertainment and communication skills, and sweeping stage talent.

In addition to everything that we have already mentioned, here are a few personality and entertainment traits that allow a host, such as Lior Suchard, to reach great heights and create memorable events:

  • Strong, quality communication skills – Both interpersonal and, on a broader level, in front of an entire audience. A professional, quality host communicates messages in an ideal and meaningful manner, presenting information clearly, maintaining contact with the audience, and making sure that everything will be entertaining and appropriate the entire time.
  • Energy and excitement – Hosting is much more than reading a script, page of messages, and transitioning between content, and it requires a combination of excitement, energy, and of course, lots of charisma.
  • Audience management – Controlling and directing the audience, maintaining involvement and focus, and precisely reacting to the dynamics of the event and the responses of the audience itself are all essential skills for a successful and professional emcee.
  • Adaptivity – The host needs to react and adapt himself to the tone, atmosphere, and dynamics of the event, leading them in the right, desired direction. Reacting and adaptivity in real time ensure a flowing, high-quality event.
  • Professionalism – Finally, it is important to know that quality event hosting is not just a side gig. The host needs to be constantly honing his professional skills and committed to the field. Whether it’s a professional/company conference, a private event, or a charity fundraiser, the host needs to maintain a level of respect and quality that suits the atmosphere.

Looking for the highest possible level of event hosting services? Looking for a winning host with a proven track record of success with the biggest and most famous managers, politicians, and celebrities in the world? Just look at the events and conferences that Lior Suchard has already hosted over the years! Contact us for more information and to book Lior to host your next event.