What Can You Expect at a Mentalist’s Show?

Mentalism shows are a unique and mesmerizing type of entertainment, a performance that will leave you wondering what’s real and what’s not. If you are planning to go out to a mentalism show, hopefully one by the most popular, leading mentalist, Lior Suchard, this is what you can expect to see and experience, to help you get into the mood and understand that you are about to experience something unique.

Humor and imagination as mandatory ingredients in the recipe for a phenomenal mentalism show

As people experience in an especially funny way during Lior’s performances, and although it isn’t the first thing you think of in the context of mentalism and sensory art, humor is a central element that is simply mandatory for a sweeping, successful show.

A good mentalist knows how to use humor, at the right amounts and in the right places, to keep the audience involved and anticipating throughout the entire performance. So you can expect clever and silly jokes, a combination of elegant and surprising humor during the mentalism tricks and the in-between segments, and a lot of humor at the many points when the audience or volunteers from the audience become active participants in the show.

Imagination that takes you on a journey

Another essential component is imagination. Without imagination and creativity, the unbelievable mentalism tricks that Lior has been performing for years on stages and screens all over the world wouldn’t have ever been born and definitely would not have been so successful. A great, singular mentalist is capable of taking his audience on a journey to the mysteries of the mind, imagination, and thoughts, where the impossible becomes possible. He uses imagination and a range of acquired techniques to create allusions and exercises that are breathtaking and crazily surprising.

Cooperation of the audience, which becomes an active part of the show

During successful and memorable mentalism shows, it is not just an entertainer standing on stage and putting on a show with all sorts of sensory art and mentalism tricks. Rather, the entertainer turns the show into a joint journey, during which the audience actually become a part and actively involved in the performance and in the puzzling mentalism tricks. All of this makes the experience much stronger and creates a unique event in which everyone contributes to the journey and to the result.

From a practical standpoint as well, the mentalist depends on the active participation of the audience or of volunteers from the audience in order for his tricks to work. Mentalist entertainment doesn’t work in a vacuum, only when people participate.  Therefore, volunteers from the audience will be asked in all sorts of situations to help and participate in a specific trick on stage – our recommendation: raise your hand and volunteer! You will remember the experience for the rest of your life.

The audience’s participation in the show makes the experience much stronger, as aforementioned, but it is also what makes mentalism shows so unique and interactive.

Unique entertainment performances that are remembered for a lifetime

When a mentalism show is original, innovative, and high quality, with the right components and mastered skillfully by the entertainer on stage, it becomes a unique show that most participants actually remember for the rest of their lives (or at least for several years to come 😊).

In contrast with theater shows, stand-up comedy, music, and various other displays, during which the audience is mainly passive and observes, the mentalist show that you attend won’t work and won’t be as powerful and enjoyable if you, as an audience, don’t participate and take an active part, each according to their preferences and desires, of course…(don’t worry, you won’t stay on stage the entire evening).

The mentalist leading the performance, by precisely applying mentalism techniques and with bubbling charisma and careful entertainment skills, builds a unique connection with you as viewers and participants, which is simply not the experience at other types of shows.

In addition, an essential and central motif at mentalism shows is the surprise caused by the amazing and inexplicable tricks, and the feeling that you don’t fully understand what just happened and how it worked, which creates a thrilling sense of reality and the constant thought – “how did he do that?”

You’re invited to one of the upcoming shows of Lior Suchard, to experience a different type of entertainment and an enjoyable, sweeping experience that will stay with you for a long time.