Is Lior an Illusionist?

Lior Suchard has been considered a master mentalist for years now, a leader who is famous worldwide and who has revolutionized stage and entertainment arts, with sold-out shows all over the world, amazing guest appearances on leading prime-time programs, campaigns, and invitations to appear at exclusive boutique events. Is Lior an illusionist, in addition to being a mentalist? Is there even a difference between these two terms?

If you are looking for the “magical” components of the breathtaking, funny, and enjoyable entertainment offered by Lior Suchard, and if you’ve ever wondered whether he is considered an illusionist – we’ll try to answer this very question below.

What is illusionism?

People have always loved illusions, and the world of illusions has interested and mesmerized people and cultures all over the world. This is apparently due to the elusive, enticing connection between reality and fantasy, between the logical and inexplicable, between what we can understand and what we experience but cannot explain or define. Illusionism has evolved over the years, in culture, art, and in the entertainment world, where our focus lies today.

At its foundation, illusionism involves taking familiar elements from the world around us and, using visual, verbal, physical and other techniques, creating something completely different that looks impossible or supernatural using those same “regular” processes or components. An illusion is a distortion of the way our senses perceive the world and its elements – for example, optical illusions trick our sense of sight into seeing things that don’t actually exist (for example, a picture that seems to be moving). Another example of a visual and sensory illusion is when a magician saw his assistant in half – when essentially, this is clever, entertaining use of stage elements and performance techniques and obviously not actually the cutting of a human being.

Illusionism has been part of the human experience for many years, as aforementioned, mainly as a significant and very popular means of providing people with enjoyment, entertainment, and a special experience that is unusual and exciting. In addition to entertainment, art, and so forth, in the technological-digital world and in a reality in which we are all constantly being bombarded by various forms of media, illusions are definitely incorporated, sometimes in a very sophisticated manner, in order to create a news story, influence public opinion or sway it in a different direction, and so forth. We prefer to focus on the entertainment, fun elements of illusionism.

Is Lior an illusionist or not?

After we explained what illusionism is and what it is used for or can be used for – primarily for entertainment purposes to provide people with enjoyment and an exciting experience – let’s go back to the main question of whether Lior is an illusionist.

In many senses, Lior Suchard is definitely an illusionist who provides viewers and participants at his performances and mentalism acts with the ultimate, very enjoyable illusion experience. But Lior does not use techniques and elements from the worlds of magic (entertainers who are essentially illusion artists), but rather, he creates mentalism illusions that are clever, sophisticated, and creative. In many of his breathtaking mentalism acts, Lior also builds sophisticated cognitive illusions, which also allow him to achieve his amazing results when performing for audiences, as well as providing you – the viewers – with an extraordinary entertainment experience.

Lior Suchard applies illusion art in order to “read” the minds of participants, make super-precise predictions regarding choices or actions of people or processes, and so forth. Lior uses illusions and many mentalism techniques in order to provide the most fundamental, pure, and fun type of entertainment and to create a unique, unforgettable experience.