The world’s greatest mentalist

Do you believe that someone can read your mind? Can you even begin to imagine how it’s possible to “plant” an idea in your head or make something impossible occur before your eyes? Well, Lior Suchard can do all of that and a whole lot more!

If this sounds interesting, if you are intrigued and want to find out more, then Lior Suchard’s mentalist performances are very definitely for you. You are going to be amazed, perched on the edge of your seat, watching in wonder and enjoyment, laughing and awestruck as you experience this unique, mind-blowing show.

Lior Suchard is considered to be the world’s leading mentalist. He presents a unique blend of familiar routines and astonishing new acts. Whether performing on the world’s largest stages and complex sets, appearing on the most popular  TV shows in the US and the world, or hosting special events for front line celebrities and the world’s largest businesses, Lior  has kept audiences amazed and spellbound for many years .

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A mentalist show – prepare to be speechless

As a master mentalist of unprecedented international fame, Lior Suchard’s performances on shows and at events always leave the audience speechless and astounded, unable to understand how he performs his “magic” before their eyes, making them laugh while enjoying a unique and exciting experience. The mentalist delves into the depths of his subject’s minds, as well as all those watching. Using different techniques and skills, he is able to see the deepest thoughts of the person standing before him, knows what they are about to say, do and choose.

Lior’s mentalist show includes fascinating, mind blowing acts of “mind reading”. He is able to influence the thoughts of his subjects and even the entire audience with amazing prophecies about amazing elements of his performance and many more stunning surprises. Using words, incredible, yet amusing visual touches and many, many different elements, Lior sweeps you away on a magical and mysterious journey unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Mentalism at its best – stunning and beyond belief

Mentalism isn’t really magic or some form of paranormal ability, Lior doesn’t actually read your mind. He uses many clever and precise mental techniques and moves that, combined with his skill as an entertainer, enable him to “read” your mind. As he performs his feats, seemingly without effort, he also uses humor and his natural charisma to keep the audience fully involved with what is happening on stage.

As a mentalist, he is always surprising and amazes his audiences with incredible acts of mentalism, achieving results that the human mind is incapable of explaining, other than by admitting to the existence of a “higher force”. All of his performances are the perfect combination of mind-blowing acts, incredible versatility, humor, and entertainment that when put together, give you the best possible show of mentalist art possible

In order to accomplish his amazing mentalist feats, Lior Suchard uses many different techniques including guided imagery, suggestion, reading body language, ingenious methods of distraction, an ability to connect to his subject’s sub-conscious and many other professional secrets. Together with his many years of experience, his consummate skill as a performer, his personality and his genius, all of Lior’s mind-blowing shows provide non-stop enjoyment and entertainment.

Lior Suchard’s mentalist show takes you on a gripping, breathtaking journey through the mysteries and wonders of the mind, with acts that are packed with extraordinary feats, surprising twists and endless humor – supernatural entertainment in every sense of the word!

Mentalism isn’t magic, and so Lior Suchard doesn’t give us a magic show. As we already said, his mentalist performance uses amazing mental tricks that allows Lior to provide us with an experience that feels like magic. But here, instead of sleight of hand, the trick is in the minds of his subjects and audience. There are no behind the scenes or beneath the stage pyrotechnics, no special technologies or apparatus to produce a “magical” effect. Everything is done with great skill, with intelligence. Everything is refined, Lior almost invites us to see what he is doing. The result is an act that draws us in, keeps us laughing and amazed from start to finish – and all thanks to the unbelievable ability and skill of master mentalist, Lior Suchard.

Mentalist performances for shows, company events, conferences and business events

Lior Suchard is a world-renowned mentalist with many years of experience in Israel and the world. He has appeared on the most famous stages around the globe giving performances that have left statesmen, famous CEO’s, prime-time TV show hosts, and glamorous Hollywood stars  open mouthed with wonder and curiosity.

Lior Suchard’s mentalist shows are suitable for every occasion, all formats , all locations. For special and unforgettable company events, as the  host for business conferences, conventions and events, and intimate performances for special, exclusive occasions.

After leading CEO’s have invited Lior to appear before their employees and to host special business events, after he conquered the world’s largest and most famous stages and prime-time TV in the US, now you can enjoy the huge show provided by this one of a kind mentalist – Lior Suchard.