How do you host a convention properly?

A convention, congress or exhibition can be a significant and productive event for your organization, but it must be managed and presented in the best possible way to meet your needs and goals. A critical  and essential element for a successful conference is having a superb host / MC. Someone who will inform the participants of the program, will encourage them to play an active role and will also create a pleasant atmosphere and promote your messages accurately.

So, how do you host a conference properly? If you’re short of time, then our unbiased opinion  is that the most efficient, unforgettable and entertaining way to host your event is the way that Lior Suchard has been using successfully for many years for organizations, corporations, and Israel and the world’s leading brands.

But, if you have some time on your hands and want to find out more about hosting a professional or commercial event, then let us explain how Lior Suchard, the world’s leading master mentalist, does this, and how he can do it for you as well.

Custom hosting according to your company’s requirements and  goals.

As part of preparations for any professional or commercial conference, Lior and his team base their planning, his dialogues, entertainment segments, humor and messages on the specific needs, characteristics and messages of the company involved. Everything, down to the smallest detail, is personally and uncompromisingly adapted to meet the client’s demands.

From the start of his preparations for the event, Lior gets to know the company – it’s activities, image, standing and many other professional-commercial details. He also uses the company’s logo, and its existing branding and marketing “language”, but also adds his own, unique twist that will grab be audience from the very start of the event.

Hosting adapted to the event and the company’s  core values.

To properly and efficiently host a congress or convention so that it will fit your needs and demand, Lior Suchard builds the “show” entirely around your organization’s identity and the reasons for the event. All of this and more is integrated into the event beginning with Lior’s opening remarks and continuing on throughout the event including the amazing and mind-blowing feats of mentalism that he performs for your participants and that highlight your company, its goals and message. He achieves this by using keywords and phrases associated with your company’s business culture and by including elements identified with your company and the event’s content that contribute to its success.

More than just another Master of Ceremonies

A professional or business event, whether to summarize the year’s activities, to launch a new product or service for a specific target audience, will include panels, excellent and compelling speakers, well thought out and informative marketing and branding films, good food and refreshments, gifts for participants, and much more. Some events may also include an entertainment segment for the guest’s enjoyment. So, when inviting Lior Suchard to be your host and Master of Ceremonies, you get much, much more than someone who introduces speakers and “fills in the gaps”.  If that’s all you need, then you don’t need someone of Lior’s standing.

Lior is more than your regular MC. He creates a unique framework for your event, one especially developed and adapted to the target audience, your requirements and your expectations from the event. He give all those at the event an entertainment experience that is second to none – adapted to your organization, your goals and your audience. His “performance” is exciting, awe inspiring, original, innovative funny, and, above all enjoyable. His contribution to your event will take it to new heights and make it an unforgettable occasion.

Humor is a central part of Lior Suchard’s repertoire and when combined with his charisma and amazing acts of mentalism in which the audience are active participants, his ability to interweave your messages into everything he does whilst acting as your MC, you are guaranteed a commercial or professional event that your guests will never forget.