A Sensory Show that Boggled the Minds of the Most Famous People in the World

Lior Suchard is recognized today, all over the world, as the top, most successful master mentalist, having wowed and dazed countless audiences on prime-time television in over sixty countries and on stage at special events, including in front of CEOs of the largest corporations on the globe, diplomats, celebrities, and more.  Lior is available for sensory art and mentalism shows around the world and on digital platforms, at exclusive boutique events, important corporate and official conferences and formal conventions. 

As a mentalist with a worldwide reputation and as a supersensory entertainer, Lior has developed a unique and exciting entertainment concept and presentation, building his shows in a tailor-made manner according to the type of event and audience. This has proven to be successful with global brands, leading organizations, and in front of the most senior, famous personalities in a range of fields and countries.

Lior can provide a supersensory entertainment show at special events in front of senior professionals, executive directors, statesmen, and more. He is a captivating show hosting, and his enjoyable, special events amaze important, prestigious audiences. He can also appear as the main speaker at events, among many other options. When you want and need to impress, leave a lasting, strong impression, and provide a singular experience to the most senior professionals and to people who have “seen it all,” Lior Suchard’s show produces results! 

Surprising and entertaining the most senior, famous personalities in the world!

Entertainer and host Lior Suchard is famous worldwide for his ability to “read” thoughts and precisely predict what participants at a show will say, do, or think. Lior has amassed colossal global popularity as a supersensory entertainer and mentalist thanks to his fantastic abilities. He has appeared, as aforementioned, before Hollywood stars and celebrities from other countries, the most famous CEOs, politicians, and more.

A few examples of Lior’s performances in front of the most senior, well-known, and important people in the world include shows with Bill Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other leading politicians, appearances at the events of international corporations such as Microsoft, Nike, Apple, and with the incredulous participation of the global CEOs of those huge brands, and sensory art shows in front of security officials and corporate leaders from all of the different sectors around the world.

These are carefully planned, clever, and precise, uncompromising entertainment experiences, in front of especially intelligent people, people who are busy, fast-paced, and involved all day in the most important issues, so it is even harder to impress and draw them into the show. But Lior Suchard succeeds, time after time, in obtaining these exact results in front of and with the participation of these professionals, statesmen, and VIP audiences, at the highest level.

A supersensory show that can surprise and impact every person

Lior has been traveling around the world for years, thanks to his exceptional entertainment and mentalism skills. He has appeared at intimate boutique events with very exclusive audiences, as well as at lavish corporate venues and huge shows of mass organizations and companies with over 5,000 spectators in the audience.

Lior’s shows and his unbelievable success with CEOs, politicians, and the most senior and intelligent people in the world, prove time and time again that a high-quality performance by a sensory artist can definitely impact and surprise any person, even the most jaded and busy audience. It happens, among other reasons, because Lior connects to a basic element of human emotion through his entertainment and causes the audience to come with him into the show and participate, while simultaneously surprising them with crazy elements, a lot of witty, intelligent humor, and, of course, inconceivable mentalism acts.

Looking for an entertainment show or a host for a prestigious, special, and important event? Have an audience of senior personalities who you need to impress and provide with a unique, truly unforgettable experience? Book Lior Suchard as a speaker, host, or the main entertainment event!