What Do Emcees Do and How Do You Choose One?

Even a conference on the most captivating, innovative topic, or an event with content held under festive or victorious circumstances need a central personality who will pull it all together, keep the audience involved and alert, and steer your event in the right direction, with the appropriate attitude and the right messages. All of this and much more is accomplished by the emcee. Today, we will explain what an event host does and, no less importantly, how to choose the right host for your event.

Hosting and directing your event

The host, or to use the more impressive name – Master of Ceremonies, is the main person responsible for hosting, managing, and directing various official events. They are the one who makes sure the event runs smoothly and is optimally executed.

This can include many different elements and aspects, from presenting speakers at a conference or participants on a panel, to more complex and creative things such as connecting segments and entertaining elements throughout the event, in order to provide enjoyment, amusement, and keep the audience alert and involved in the event, so that all of the participants feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Quality, successful emcees are not just a technical factor that connect between the different parts of your event and present the different participants and content. They actually create a complete, comprehensive, and holistic experience from your event, with elegance, humor, personalization of all of the entertainment content for your messages as the event organizers and for the audience present. Event hosts enhance and upgrade the event without overshadowing the important content, rather fusing it all into an enjoyable, positive, and unforgettable experience for those present.

Which events need a host?

When talking about hosting professional events, this does not refer to every type or style of event. Although almost every event can be enhanced and upgraded by the energetic personality of a great emcee, it is obviously not realistic, financially smart, or logical to hire a host for every ceremony or event.

Therefore, a recommended, good emcee provides a service that is usually relevant and aimed at corporate and organizational events, such as professional or trade conferences, exhibitions with content elements and mass participation, launches, company events, marketing events with clients and partners, and so forth.

Event hosts use the transitions between parts of the event and the beginning and end of the event in order to refresh and change the format and keep the audience involved, at conferences, seminars, and product launches. Remember that even the most excited audience will lose interest if speaker after speaker simply gets up on stage without any entertaining break or comic relief built into the format.

In terms of emceeing private events, this can definitely be relevant if you are looking to lift your event to new and exciting heights, for example at exclusive boutique events, high-end parties, special birthdays with attention to detail, and so forth.

If you have a special, important event coming up, whether its corporate or personal, and you want to make sure that it will take place smoothly and optimally and provide a quality, enjoyable, positive experience to your invitees, you definitely need a professional emcee who will bring your event up to the highest level.

How to choose an excellent host

A professional event host causes your event to flow seamlessly and produce the best results, based on the objective and style of the event and the type of target audience. Therefore, it is a very important position that must be executed with precision and in a way that is the perfect combination of entertainment and stage art and behavioral science. Here are a few tips for choosing a successful emcee:

  • Experience: Look for someone with proven, impressive experience hosting events on the highest level, especially with experience in events that are similar in their nature and style to your own.
  • Charisma and a captivating personality: The host needs to lead the event, manage it, and create an excellent entertainment experience, so they must be charismatic and have a charming personality.
  • Elegant humor: The best, highest-quality, and most exciting hosting incorporates elegant, personalized humor throughout the event, in addition to the more technical aspects of hosting.
  • Understanding the brand: For a corporate or organizational event, make sure that the host understands the brand, the messages, the values and the nature and objectives of the event.

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