What Will our Next Company Event Look Like?

Do you have a company event coming up? Do you want to really go all-out this time and throw an especially unique, original, and memorable event for your dear, appreciated employees? The team of Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the world and an entertainer of proven international renown, including at an infinite number of company events and with the biggest brand names in the world, will help you choose the perfect theme for an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss out when it comes to company events

Even in the demanding, dynamic corporate and financial environment that we live and work in today, don’t miss the opportunity to plan great company events and fun days for your employees. Investing in cultivating and retaining the human capital at your organization is an aspect that is simply not worth neglecting.

Employee and company events are vital to create a team spirit, positive sense of belonging, motivation, feeling of appreciation, and to raise the morale of the employees. When you begin planning your next company event, it is vital to research the different aspects that contribute to an exceptional and especially enjoyable experience, one that stands out among the rest and provides original entertainment that is nothing like the events of the past.

From deciding on a concept for the event and to choosing the degree and level of audience participation during the artistic program, every decision and detail will impact the atmosphere at the event and its success.

Considerations and tips in producing an exceptional company event

Choosing the concept

It could be that, while brainstorming in preparation for your upcoming company event, you faced deliberations as to whether you should choose a central theme for the event or rather pick an isolated but meaningful performance as the highlight of the entertainment. Below, we will survey the significance of each choice, but we will already explain now that there is no contradiction between them and it is definitely possible to throw an excellent event by planning on a central concept or by focusing an isolated, quality performance.

  • Central concept: Adopting a central concept around which the entire event is themed creates a consistent feel with a certain style and atmosphere that the participants immediately pick up at the beginning, with all of the elements connected to each other. Whether it’s an event outdoors, team-building ODT activities, a retro party, a crazy tropical production, or a futuristic journey theme – a central concept paves the way for creative and unique designs, attractive activities, and the feeling of a journey and unity at the event.
  • An entertainment performance alone: In contrast, or additionally, when you choose to bring a prestigious, special, and insanely fun show to your company event – like a personalized mentalism show by Lior Suchard – you captivate your employees with a single entertainment performance that makes a very strong impact, providing a sense of enjoyment, togetherness, and significant effort on the company’s part. This creates an unforgettable experience with exceptional stage talent and first-rate entertainment value.

A hosted event with active participation from the audience – a winning combination!

When your company event has a designated, professional emcee – like the sweeping, proven hosting that Lior Suchard provides to some of the biggest corporate names – and the audience actively enjoys participating at different stages of the event and during the main entertainment show, it’s a tried-and-true recipe for an original and memorable event.

A professional emcee connects all of the different elements of the event, personally tailors the content to the company and to your messages, makes the audience laugh and draws them into a continuous experience of pleasure and interest, skillfully guiding your event through the different stages and up to the highlights.

Active participation of the audience at an event, for example with entertaining and humorous interludes or breathtaking mentalism and sensory art elements during the entertainment performance, creates a sense of togetherness, partnership, and an enjoyable experience that everyone feels – a meaningful bonding experience that makes people feel that they belong and strengthens their sense of organizational identity.

So in short, when you envision and plan your next company event, think about the heights of enjoyment and originality that your event can soar to when Lior Suchard runs and leads the artistic program, the hosting, and the entertainment. Maximum success!