Shows at high-end events

If you’re looking for an entertaining, original, dynamic and gripping show for your upcoming event, then without a doubt Lior Suchard will give you and your guests a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

A show at an important, special and high-end event must be adapted to meet the style and the prestigious atmosphere that the organizers and guests expect, whether it’s a prestigious business or commercial brand event or an exciting, private event that’s been planned down to the smallest details. A performance with an explosive WOW effect is critical to these events that must be perfect, high quality and with uncompromising standards of professionalism .

Throughout his years of performing, Lior has established an international reputation as one of the world’s finest, creative and surprising mentalists. He has performed at many prestigious private and corporate events and appeared on the most important stages across the world. Lior’s mentalist and sensory performances take his audience on an intriguing journey that just can’t be beaten. With his clever humor, sensitivity and a skillful and breathtaking delivery of the seemingly impossible, Lior’s performance keeps audiences firmly in their seats.

Lior offers a complete performance package that is custom made to every event. He can also be the event’s host or Master of ceremony, if you have certain content that you’d like to deliver in an original and clear way, Lior can do so while combining it with his breakthrough acts between the sessions.

After having appeared with unprecedented success at many high-end events before some of the world’s leading statesmen and politicians, Hollywood celebrities and leaders of the world’s leading brand names – now he can appear at or host your upcoming event. Create an event that is special, original and unforgettable thanks to Lior Suchard’s fascinating and unforgettable mentalist performance.

Producing a high-end and premium show

High-end events – commercial, business, political or private – must always be perfect. Special, uncompromising attention must be paid to the quality of all the elements that make up the event. Everything should be put together and presented in a finely crafted and stylish manner whilst constantly focusing on making a clear statement of quality, prestige and premium styling that encompasses the entire event and its participants. That’s why the artistic portion of the event has be just as perfect as all the other elements and match the event’s overall style.

Planning a show at a high-end event demands that it be personally adapted to the specific needs of the organizers with original and carefully thought out and developed content. It must take into consideration the atmosphere and the messages behind each element of the show.

Special attention must be given to delivering content that is suitable for the participants and the nature of the event. A private, high-end event such as a birthday party or an event to celebrate a special achievement, must be a personal one and very different from a prestigious business or commercial event where the emphasis is on branding and spoiling the customers, employees or partners.

Whether on a big stage at a business event or closer together in a smaller, more intimate event, Lior Suchard  has great and proven experience when creating an entertaining, gripping and original show with the WOW factor that will keep everyone laughing, mystified and amazed.

A mentalism show at an important and prestigious event could the main entertainment for the event. A show by Lior Suchard will completely mind-blow your guests and provide a surprising fun highlight. Alternatively, Lior can combine his skills to also be the event’s master of ceremonies, interspersing mentalist performances throughout the event’s program. Everything is developed specifically for your event and in a way that fits all the event’s features and content into a complete, and perfect, package.

Get on board the success train and book a show by Lior Suchard

Today, you have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable and successful experiences as had by the world’s leading brands, celebrities, politicians and statesmen and people hosting private, high-end events – with an original and breathtaking show by mentalist Lior Suchard. A world renowned, experienced and creative performer that’s second to none. Lior Suchard has brought the art and skills of mentalism and sensory performance to new, unknown heights of perfection, excitement and awe.

The perfect choice for a wide variety of important, prominent events: product launches, professional, brand conferences and conventions, gala events, exhibitions, business summits, award ceremonies, cocktail parties, VIP events and, of course, exclusive private and intimate events.

Contact us today to discover how Lior and his creative production team can make your event an even greater success!