How do you Choose the Right Event Location?

Successful events are built of a variety of components that make them stand out and feel special. But there is no doubt that one of the most important and critical elements in the success of any event is selecting the correct place. This is universally true of all types of events, from an entertainment show to a cocktail party with mingling, and from a private, exclusive engagement to a professional conference.

Today, we will dive into the depths of the art of choosing the right place for the right event, a choice that takes into account the style, essence, and objective of your event, the target audience, the message you want to relay, and so forth.

Of course, our connection to the question of how to choose the right event venue comes from the fact that Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in Israel and worldwide, and an entertainer at the highest level, appears, hosts, and emcees numerous events of all types and sizes and in a huge range of locations in the world So this is a topic in which Lior have rich, proven experience.

Understanding the essence of your event

The first step in choosing a winning location for your event is understanding the essence of your event. Is it meant to be entertaining and give a show to the audience? Is it a boutique, elegant mingling event? Is it a private or corporate event? What is the message you want to transmit – branding, enjoyment, an investment of effort, gratitude, informative? And a range of other meanings and characteristics that an event can have.

The right venue can upgrade and strengthen your event, even becoming a central element of the atmosphere and the success of the event, more than just a place to house and host it.

In direct connection to understanding the essence of the event, it is also necessary to decide and understand the objectives. Because a professional conference, product launch, or exhibition are events with completely different objectives than a company evening, a luxurious private party, or an entertaining show. The purpose of the event will be a significant factor in choosing the location where it will be hosted – because the location needs to match the objectives as well as providing a suitable platform to attain them.

Locations that work for everything, and specific ones

When it comes to selecting an event location, it is necessary to explain that there are locations that, in general, suitable for all of the different types and styles of events, providing an excellent venue for carefully planned, successful occasions. However, there are also places suitable for very specific types of events. This understanding will help you plan, rule out some of the options, and most of all, make a better choice when it comes to where to host your event.

Event halls work for everything!

An event hall, generally speaking, is suitable for everything and will be a good choice for most private and corporate events, from company parties and conferences to private, boutique launches. An event hall is meant for hosting and accommodating a wide range of different events styles, and so these locations offer excellent, accessible infrastructures.

Halls usually have a space for a reception and mingling. There are often nice areas under the open sky, and room to serve food in different styles and seating arrangements. There is a place to host the artistic program, an entertainment show, or alternately, elements such as a panel discussion at a conference or display in an exhibition.

At especially large and professional event halls, it is possible to personalize almost every component and detail of the event: the food, technology, seating and dining styles and formats, installation of a stage or not, division into areas and spaces, and so forth.

Indeed, Lior has taken part in tons of events that were produced and held at a range of quality event halls all over the world – hosting conferences and expos, entertainment shows in halls as part of company gatherings or a corporate event, an emcee and entertainer at private events, and many more examples.

Locations suitable for specific events

As opposed to an event hall which, as aforementioned, works for almost anything when it comes to choosing a venue, there are locations that are primarily suitable for specific types of events – and in these cases, the fit is precise and perfect, often much better for a particular objective or need. Here are a few examples:

  • A performance hall is suitable for events that are primarily an entertainment show, a show put on for the participants and/or to watch content on a stage while the audience is seated. For example, a performance hall is an excellent choice when your event is a captivating entertainment show such as the shows Lior Suchard offers.
  • A location for an event in nature is suitable in seasons that are not rainy and not too hot, for events with an open, unique, and natural style – such as high-quality company events in nature, private events in an original location outdoors, and so forth.
  • A hangar or large, spacious event complex is usually suitable for events such as concerts, exhibitions, and professional conferences, with panel discussions and presentation of content on stage.
  • Restaurants are suitable for intimate, more boutique-style cocktail and mingling events, such as smaller company events, premium launches for a select VIP guest list, luxurious private parties, and other similar occasions.

The practical guide to choosing an event venue

Location, location, location

Above all, the venue for your event needs to work in terms of its convenience and accessibility for your invitees and event participants. The right location from a geographic and transportation perspective is definitely a material consideration to take into account.

Atmosphere and style

Lavish or simple, original with a lot of effort invested or standard and more minimalist, natural and flowing or official with suits and ties – all of these influence the best place to host your event and its suitability to the target audience who will attend.

Technical considerations

When it comes to entertainment events and shows, aspects such as lighting, sound, the entrance and exit, and so forth are critical and essential to consider when choosing the location.

Elements and layout of the site

Even if everything else is perfect, if the location you want does not have the capacity to host all of your guests, or the layout simply will not allow you to achieve your goals for the event, it’s the wrong place for you! Check that there is enough room for all of the participants, and that the planning is suitable for the style and components of the event that you are holding.

Budget limitations

Naturally, every event has a budget and it must include as much as possible within the limitations and framework of those constraints. The same applies when choosing a venue – it shouldn’t be so expensive that the budget runs out, not leaving enough for the other critical components, but on the other hand, the location should not be only chosen according to the low price, which may lead to an outcome that does not satisfy your objectives.

Hosting and an artistic-entertaining program at the event

In addition to considerations and parameters for selecting the physical venue for your event, part of the event’s success and essentially the choice of the location depends on whether you want to incorporate the services of an emcee and/or an entertainment program in addition to all of the other elements that make up a complete event.

Our recommendation is, of course, to bring in a professional master of ceremonies (emcee) precisely suited to your event, and to add an entertainment show or some unique entertaining elements during the event. An example is the mesmerizing hosting experience with audience participation featuring mentalism and sensory art at the highest levels of fun, shock, and wonderment – like the service that Lior Suchard provides at events of all types,r the world.