Great ideas for company events

Whether a New Year’s Eve or Christmas party, or an extravagant and creative event to give your employees the chance to have some fun outside of their normal work environment, it’s always a great idea to show your appreciation for their efforts. After all, they’re a major part of any organization’s success. This year, we invite you to be creative, to reach for the sky and give your employee’s an unforgettable experience. Not just an ordinary company social event, but one with a WOW factor that amazes their senses.

If you’re looking for ideas or great artists for a company event, then let the groundbreaking, world renowned, leading mentalist Lior Suchard, give you an amazing performance. One that’ll astound you and leave you speechless. A mentalism show perfectly adapted for your organization and the company event you are producing.

Remarkable company events – a different, original and unique experience  for your employees

Where others are providing “run of the mill” employee appreciation events, your company needs to produce something different, something creative that provides an original, unique and astounding experience. This is exactly what Lior Suchard offers you in his spectacular mentalism and sensory performances – each specially adapted to your organization’s identity, and the style and results you want to achieve from your event.

Original company event ideas will definitely hit the mark with your employees. An employee experience that is innovative, fascinating and uniquely special. Something different that will bring your people together and fill them with motivation.

By organizing special and creative company events your employees will know that you care about them, that they are appreciated and that you want to thank them for all their hard work. Let Lior Suchard amaze and entertain you all and make your company event something special!

Company event ideas – a stunning and unbelievable mentalist performance

A top of the line, extravagant mentalist performance specially adapted for your company’s event, is a really great idea. If you’re already considering a mentalist and sensory show to entertain your employees with breathtaking, paranormal entertainment, then go for the very best, the most original and the most amazing – a mentalist show with Lior Suchard for your company’s event.

A mentalist show for a company event

For a company event with a mentalist and psychic show, Lior develops entertaining and amazing acts especially for your event. Interwoven with commentary, jokes, humor and, of course, feats of mentalism, that are linked directly to your organization, your business activities and more. The audience – your employees – are active participants in the show which makes their experience even stronger, more personal, and more memorable. Lior will also act as your master of ceremonies for additional segments of the occasion, adding displays of mentalist feats, elegant, focused humor wrapped up in the aura of Lior’s skills as the consummate performer.

Lior Suchard is the best of the best. A first-rate entertainer who creates an unforgettable experience for everybody in the audience. He is a performer who skillfully draws in his audience with his amazing acts and compelling personality., Each and every one of his shows is original, unbelievable and surprising.