What is a Prestigious Event?

In a world where competition for everyone’s attention is constantly becoming more pronounced, in order to create an event that really makes a strong, meaningful impact, you need something special. For this exact reason, just saying that an event is prestigious isn’t enough; you have to plan an interactive, unique, sweeping event with components that come together to truly make it exclusive and alluring. Today, we will review what a prestigious event is and what makes these events different from all of the others. Of course, we will provide Lior Suchard’s entertainment perspective as an experienced, enchanting, and successful emcee of high-end events around the world.

What makes an event prestigious?

Aside for the word itself, what essentially transforms an event from ordinary to prestigious? What does this grandiose term entail? In a reality of broad, general definitions and extensive use of pompous, cliché words, the practical definition of a prestigious event sometimes becomes unclear. While it’s easy to call an event prestigious, it’s much more complicated and delicate to truly put together an event that radiates glamour and provides attendees with a luxurious experience, especially if the invitees are accustomed to sparkling and special premium events.

Components and elements that set apart prestigious events

  • At this type of event, there will usually be a leading, professional, high-quality emcee throughout the entire event. An emcee who masters it all is the highlight of corporate or private hospitality and integrates information and messages with entertainment, humor, and active participation of the audience.
  • At prestigious events, there is often an entertaining performance or amusing elements that are personalized for the event and intertwined throughout the event.
  • The luxury needs to be expressed in the physical components of the event as well as in the hosting. This means using an impressive, high-quality venue, precise design, excellent gourmet food, pampering hospitality, and everything necessary to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible while impressing them as well. 
  • When it comes to corporate or company events, the event will usually include a certain ceremonial element, such as an awards ceremony, a large and impressive launch, and so forth.

Since these are events that must be perfectly smooth and put together, high-level and as unique and branded as possible, in many cases, these prestigious events will be hosted by huge corporations, large brand names, or important organizations, both due to the prices for producing such events (location, design, branding, gourmet food, excellent emcee) and because usually, only massive organizations are interested in producing such a luxurious event.

Lior Suchard at prestigious events

Throughout his many years of activity, during which he established himself as the leading and most recognized master mentalist in the world and was a regular guest on prime time television shows in the US and worldwide, in addition to performing at glamorous, high-end celebrity events, for huge brand names and corporations and for important government organizations, Lior Suchard developed proven expertise in the niche field of emceeing and appearing at prestigious events.

Lior emcees high-end corporate events in Israel and around the world, and is often invited to perform as the main entertainment element at fancy private events and primarily at business events. Every such performance or emceeing opportunity is specifically and personally tailored for the nature of the event and the messages and values that the hosts are interested in expressing. They include unbelievable, breath-stopping entertainment elements that take the exclusive guests at the event on a journey that is enjoyable, funny, and unforgettable.

Whether as an emcee for a prestigious event or as the central entertainment show at the event, whether it’s a conference, exhibition, awards ceremony, or luxurious company bonding event, with Lior Suchard, your event will reach the highest heights and provide the participants with a full, special experience that is the optimal addition to all of the elements that make your event glamorous and amazing. Contact us for more information and examples from past events that Lior has emceed or participated in, in Israel and around the world.