What is a suggestion show?

Suggestion is one  of the professional terms for the experience you’ll have during Lior Suchard’s mentalist shows, in those amazing moments when Lior “reads minds” or plants thoughts into the minds of those participating in his show, whether on stage or in the audience. In fact, “suggestion” is one of the principal techniques used by mentalists in their shows. It’s a technique that can be used in many ways and one that can even be learned.

In Lior Suchard’s mentalist performances you’ll see an amazing use of suggestion in his surprising, funny and incredible routines. Lior brings the art of suggestion to new levels both on stage and in the way he cleverly manipulates his subjects and audience to achieve a surprising and mind-blowing climax.

Mentalism isn’t magic. It is an exact and uncompromising skill that must be mastered by those practicing this fascinating and entertaining profession. Lior doesn’t read minds, neither can he influence your thoughts using a super-power. But he most definitely knows how you think and how to direct your thoughts, often by suggestion, in the direction he wants to give a really great, funny show packed with endless surprises that you will remember long after it’s over.

Influencing thoughts and choices through suggestion

We’ve already explained that suggestion is one of the fundamental and central techniques of mentalism, one that can be implemented in several different ways. Basically, suggestion is based on clear and proven principles from areas including neurology, psychology, non-verbal communication, reading body language, guided imagery, NLP and mainly an understanding of how people think.

During his shows or when acting as the host or master of ceremonies, Lior Suchard gives exciting and breathtaking performances where he, with unbelievable accuracy, predicts the actions, thoughts and choices of his “subjects”. He can tell the participant exactly what he is thinking and give us even more surprises and acts that keep you in suspense with your eyes firmly fixed on the show.

When using verbal suggestion, it’s possible, when talking to the audience or those on the stage, to trigger unconscious responses that cause peoples thought to take a specific direction. By using certain words, sounds, guided imagery, a specific order of words and other elements of suggestion, Lior leads his audience and participants to think what he wants them to think and make the decisions and conclusions that he wants – it is truly like an amazing display of mind manipulation powers.

Developing the levels of skill and success when using suggestion techniques, as with everything in mentalism, demands massive amounts of study, lots of trial and error and achieving the highest possible levels of precision and showmanship. When all these are put together as a complete package, you have an entertaining and stunning show where the line between high-end entertainment and a display of superhuman powers as thoughts are read become blurred. This only increases the audience’s amazement and the pull of Lior Suchard’s show.

Suggestion at its highest levels in a show with Lior Suchard

Throughout his long, varied and successful career, Lior Suchard has appeared on the world’s largest stages and on countless, extremely popular prime time TV shows in the United States. He has amazed CEO’s of the world’s largest corporation, leading politicians and statesmen, left celebrities speechless and hosted many conferences and high-end events. All this presented in a hugely entertaining, surprising, amazing, and breathtaking display of mentalist routines and the use of suggestion at the highest possible level.

Invite Lior Suchard to give you a mentalist show, to host your upcoming conference,  company or intimate  private event for an original and unforgettable experience. He will amaze you with mentalist routines that will leave you lost for words, unable to believe the amazing feats he is capable of. Even though you know it’s just the clever use of mental skills and suggestion – it will still seem like super-power!