Private Shows

For those events when only the best will give your guests and participants an enjoyable, special and total experience, you need an original and gripping show, a performance that make your event stand out from all the others. One unique and attractive way to achieve this is a private show given by master mentalist and entertainer, Lior Suchard who will give you and your guests an unforgettable show.

After he amazed leaders of the world’s biggest international companies, including Microsoft’s CEO, and providing exciting and unique entertainment for Hollywood stars, now it’s your turn to enjoy a private, breathtaking show that’s adapted personally for your event. A unique display of mentalist skills by the world’s master mentalist – Lior Suchard.

A different type of entertainment

A private performance by Lior Suchard is a different kind of entertainment experience. It’s a show with an amazing WOW effect and an audience that leaves the show amazed and uplifted. After laughing at Lior’s jokes, after being amazed by his incredible and unbelievable abilities, but mainly after enjoying an entertainment experience second to none – they leave the show different, happier people than those who came through the doors.

These aren’t superlatives but true testimonies of people from across the world, all of whom left with a huge smile after a breathtaking performance by Lior Suchard.

Lior spices up his performances with humor, interwoven elegantly and precisely throughout the show. He actively involves the crowd in his amazing mentalism routines, taking them, and your event, on an incredible and entertaining journey into the unknown realms of the mind. An intimate private performance suitable for events of any type and size of event. Whether events with an audience of hundreds or private, intimate boutique events – Lior provides an unforgettable experience.

With masses of humor, laughter and his consummate abilities as the leading entertainer in his field, you get many different examples of mentalist “miracles”, all  at the highest level. Routines where Lior “reads” the thoughts of participants and random members of the audience, accurately predicts people’s choices, influences their thoughts and actions – these and many other surprises will leave you amazed, unable to understand how he does these amazing feats over and over again.

A private show personally tailored for your event

Alongside his amazing mentalist and entertainment abilities that will leave your audience open mouthed with amazement and wonder, one of the big advantages of Lior Suchard’s private shows is that each performance is unique, with the routines, content and atmosphere personally and perfectly tailored to your event’s goals and style.

Lior is constantly developing and producing new mentalist routines and for each private show, he adapts his performance and routines to the style, audience and goals of your event. If it’s a private show for an entire community, a large family occasion or a show before an audience with a common denominator – Lior gives you routines, entertainment and style that are perfectly adapted to your event.

Lior Suchard’s private performance are different from his TV appearances, from when he hosts conferences and conventions or performs before audiences on some of the largest stages in the world. His private shows are smaller, more intimate. They are surprising and funny, keeping the audience on the edges of their seats, thoroughly entertained in an act that accurately targets your event’s goals.

You have a unique opportunity to be part of a mind-boggling, amazing and entertaining sensory experience. Lior Suchard’s private performances make you think and keep you rooted to your seat and entertained. Each show is totally and perfectly tailored for your event. Contact us today to book the ultimate mentalist experience with Lior Suchard.