Mind Reading

OK, first let’s clear the table, there is no such thing as mind reading! Even if it looks as if that’s what he’s doing, Lior Suchard does not read the minds of the people appearing in his shows or in the audience. Mind reading is a myth, an ability attributed to characters in fantasy stories. But, having said that, mentalism is the closest thing to mind reading you will ever experience!

Lior Suchard is one of the world’s leading and most famous mentalists and has a great mind reader ability. He is a leader in his field and, more often than not, has been accredited with a real ability to read minds. What makes Lior’s performances so exciting, so surprising, so breathtaking is the fact that he doesn’t have any “super-powers” but rather, he cleverly uses his deep-rooted understanding of the human mind to provide precise and entertaining feats of mentalism.

In his shows, Lior Suchard takes you on a fascinating, mysterious and compelling journey through the human mind as he displays the highest level of mentalist skills in clever and complicated routines, each one carefully and painstakingly delivered to create the desired impact. Be prepared to be totally amazed at the way Lior seems to read, elegantly and with complete ease,  people’s minds – just like you read your daily newspaper!

If it’s not mind reading, what is it?

This is one of the questions that those taking part in Lior Suchard’s shows, either on stage or in the audience, are always asking themselves. This is especially true after every routine where Lior, time after time, surprises and amazes everybody with his ability to accurately predict the thoughts or choices of his subjects on stage or steer participants to think or do exactly what he predicts.

In the classical meaning of the phrase, nobody is “reading” anybody else’s mind. What we have is a combination of mentalist techniques that bring about a result that appears to be actual “mind reading”.

Lior doesn’t really read the minds of those participating in his shows. In fact, he steers their thoughts in the right direction so that he achieves the results and effects that he wants. Using mentalist techniques, executed with total mastery after long years of training and experience, painstaking thought in the development in new routines and endless practice, trial and error, Lior can predict what you are thinking and what you will choose or decide and perceives as a mind reader. It often seems to be completely random and so unbelievable that it has to be magic. Lior could well be the Pied Piper of Hamelin, hypnotically leading the audience behind him as he takes them on a journey into the unexplainable. Every show, every routine amazes and surprises as Lior Suchard keeps his audience on the edge of their seats with his breath-taking paranormal Mind Reading magic

In fact, when he “reads minds” during his mentalist shows, Lior Suchard is using many different techniques including visual and verbal suggestion, body language, guided imagery, NLP, and the clever use of props. He also uses his extensive knowledge of human psychology and neurology to predict exactly what his subjects are thinking. He reads them, as the familiar saying goes, like an open book.

How A Great Mind Reader Really Read Your Minds?

To find out more, to understand just a little better how Lior Suchard can so easily read people’s minds but, also to experience one of the most spellbinding, original and unique shows you will ever see, you go to one of his shows, or, even better, invite him to appear at your event.

Lior Suchard appears on the biggest stages in Israel and the world. He has appeared in countless popular, prime time TV shows in the United States and many other countries. He has amazed celebrities, politicians, statesmen, CEO’s of the world’s largest corporations. He also offers his services as the host or master of ceremonies  for conferences and high-end events, intimate, private performances and even online mentalist shows using popular video platforms.

Contact Lior Suchard a great mind reader and discover how he can read your mind as well!