The Ultimate Birthday Show

Are you planning an extra special, extravagant birthday party, one that you have invested a huge effort in, a celebration  that will convey the message you want to all your guests and also be a mind-blowing experience? If so, then booking a unique birthday show is a good start to creating original, fun and prestigious content. When you choose a performance by Lior Suchard, the world’s leading mentalist, as the main attraction at the memorable birthday party you’re planning, you are on the path to success and creating the stunning WOW effect you are looking for.

Maybe you’re planning a crazy, extravagant birthday party for one of your children and want to surprise them with the most exciting, impressive and unforgettable event. Perhaps you’re planning a birthday party to celebrate reaching a milestone age, or you just want to celebrate a birthday with a unique and exclusive event. Whatever the reason, a gripping, incredible and funny mentalist performance by Lior Suchard,  adapted specifically for your event, will transform your birthday party into an event that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Lior Suchard has appeared at countless major private and glamorous events around the world including birthday parties for the biggest stars from America, Israel and the world and  private and exclusive events for international statesman and CEO’s. Lior will provide your birthday party with a unique entertainment experience  because, what worked for Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, will work perfectly for your event!

A Birthday show to amaze your senses

A birthday show by Lior Suchard is really and truly a special experience, different from any other you have ever seen.  This makes his show the perfect choice for those don’t have to worry about budgets or who have already seen and done “everything” for their extravagant birthday parties. Lior has performed at private events for those who live and breathe the entertainment business and who spare no expense for their private events – Hollywood and the world’s leading performers and entertainers, always leaving them astounded and amazed.

Israel is Lior’s “home ground” and he will be delighted to amaze you and your guests with a  magical performance that defies the senses, unlike anything you have ever seen before,.

Lior Suchard’s mentalist shows combine sensory and mentalist acts of the highest level with lots of humor, expertly interwoven throughout the show. The audience plays an active part in the experience where each section of the mind-bending show is individually adapted to your special birthday celebration.

So, whether it’s child’s birthday or a massive celebration to celebrate your 50th birthday (or 30th, 70th – it’s your choice) all of Lior’s breathtaking acts, the pure entertainment, are adapted specifically for your event, your style and your guests.  However you look at it – an unforgettable experience!

What you’ll experience during one of Lior Suchard’s birthday shows

Incomprehensible feats of mentalism, mind reading, unbelievably accurate predictions of the audience’s choices, be amazed as Lior seemingly controls the thoughts of the audience plus many other amazing and incredible surprises.  All this with the perfect dose of humor and laughter in a personally adapted show that is the most amazing you’ll ever see.

Lior Suchard provides a birthday show that has the WOW factor big time! Extraordinary feats of mentalism that work on all your senses, and the perfect combination of originality, laughter, amazement and drama. Lior expertly includes the audience throughout the performance, providing them with a prestigious and unique experience that is unrivalled in the field of exclusive shows and attractions for private events.

Please contact us and join the growing and prestigious club of celebrities and trend setters who have enjoyed and been amazed at one of Lior Suchard’s private shows.