Who is the best mentalist in the world?

Mentalism as an entertainment art has existed for hundreds of years, but there is no doubt that over the past few years, it has completely “exploded” across stages and screens worldwide. Mentalism shows have become the highlight of artistic and entertainment programs at huge, prestigious events of all types, with astonishing and breathtaking mentalism segments. Therefore, at a time when entertainers and performers boast that they are mentalists, and you see advertisements of mentalism and sensory art professionals on a range of mediums, it is definitely worth considering the question: who is the best mentalist in the world?

Perhaps you happened to be at a show or an entertainment event as part of a company party or team-building day for employees, during which you watched a fun and cute show by a mentalist. After all, in Israel today, there are quite a lot of entertainers who have noticed this trend, learned the skills somewhat, and perform sensory art and mentalism tricks. As we will soon explain, in the small Israeli market, there isn’t much competition, and there is definitely one person who most of the public think of when they hear the word “mentalist.” But here, we would like to examine who is the best and greatest mentalist in the world today, at the level of global recognition, success, and reputation – is the Israeli mentalist who has been wowing us for close to 20 years now indeed the best and greatest of all, even on the international stage? You don’t need to read our thoughts; all of the answers can be found right here, below.

Lior Suchard – the most successful, recognized, and best mentalist in the world today! And he’s one of ours…

You might expect to see big, famous names from the US or Europe at the top of this list, but the truth is that according to all of the professional and popular charts today, Lior Suchard proudly sits at the top of the pyramid of well-known, successful mentalists in the world today. Suchard, who burst onto the Israeli mentalism scene on a television show that was searching for an “heir” for the sensory art king of the previous decades, Uri Geller, became a regular entertainer over the years on prime time television in the United States and all over the world. He became the mentalist who the hottest celebrities invite to their parties, the entertainment artist who wows audiences and whose shows are sold out at the largest and most famous locations, and in short – the name most often associated with mentalism in the world.

If you’re looking for a completely different, original, unique, and sweeping experience that is hard to describe in words, an astounding and inconceivable mentalism experience – go for the person who is considered the best in Israel and in the entire world, Lior Suchard.

Not only does Suchard plan and perform innovative, breakthrough, and unbelievable mentalism segments, he is also a master of stage and entertainment arts in general. He is funny and enthralls audiences with an unforgettable show that is fun and full of laughter, surprises, and shock – and all of these elements combined make up the difference between a standard, regular show to one that is enthralling, trend-setting, and changes the rules of the game.

Lior Suchard is a master mentalist who is constantly growing and developing as an entertainer and sensory artist. He is very precise and produces completely inconceivable segments with abilities that seem to be superpowers that are out of this world. He’s funny, very pleasant with the audience, and radiates great energy. He is skilled at sensing the audience’s attitude and adapting the content, energy, and the entire course of the show to them and to the style of the event, whether he’s performing at a glamourous event filled with celebrities and politicians, a huge show in Las Vegas, the leading late-night show in America, or at your beautiful private event here in Israel.

Derren Brown

An article examining who the best mentalist in the world is cannot be complete without mentioning Derren Brown, a stupendous entertainment artists who brought this field to the international mainstream and created unbelievable new elements in this special entertainment art known as mentalism. Until Suchard’s big break, there is no doubt that Derren Brown was the most famous mentalist in the world, especially during the first decade of the 2000s, with unforgettable performances on a range of television shows – his own and as a guest artist – including excellent specials and a series of books and publications that he put out.

Derren Brown is a British mentalist who is still alive and active today, but is less familiar and successful than in the past in terms of his exposure on television and digital media. In 2019, he even came out with a mentalism show on Broadway. In addition to mentalism performances and his activity in this field, Brown is also very active in exposing frauds who claim that they have superpowers (mentalism is a technique and a performance art that is not based on superhuman powers, as Suchard also emphasizes constantly!), various healers and other people who present magic techniques and sensory arts as superhuman abilities.

Max Maven

While he’s old now and past his peak years in terms of exposure, Max Maven is undoubtedly one of the greatest magicians and mentalists of the past century. He’s an American mentalist (Jewish, born Phil Goldstein) who became famous thanks to his precise, high-quality performances, during which he would read people’s minds and perform a range of intelligent and elegant mentalism segments. He is one of the top entertainment artists who definitely set some of the trends in this field.

Additional names worthy of being included on this list

  • Banachek: A famous and very successful British mentalist who entered the scene via James Randy (another mandatory name and a significant figure in modern mentalism and magic!).
  • Uri Geller: No list examining who is the best mentalist would be complete without mentioning Uri Geller. The eccentric Israeli-British personality was the leading and most famous name in the field in the seventies and eighties. He was and is still a disputed figure, because he claims that he does in fact have supernatural powers.
  • David Blaine: He is closer to the world of magic but also involved in mentalism. He is a very well-known entertainer with a lot of media exposure, mostly in the early 2000s.
  • Richard Easterlin: A long-time, very important mentalist who is considered one of the greatest professionals of all times. He appeared in very exclusive halls and at events of the largest corporations in the world. He is a mentalist, hypnotist, and first-rate content creator, who was one of the most significant influences on mentalism as we know it today.

In conclusion, the best and most famous mentalist today is undoubtedly Lior Suchard, a very well-known and familiar name in Israel today, but also in the United States, Europe, India, and Australia. He is an excellent entertainer who has literally brought mentalism up to the level of an art, with breath-stopping performances peppered with lots of humor, fun, surprises, and personal tailoring for every event or show.