What is telepathy?

By and large, telepathy is considered to be something from a science fiction movie or an ability of fictional superheroes. So, imagine the surprise and amazement you’ll feel when sitting in a theatre and experiencing a display of telepathy right before your eyes, a heart stopping show where a mentalist reads the minds of his subjects and audience. Where he places thoughts into the minds of others, foretells their choices and a  host of other telepathic surprises that defy description other than to call them superhuman or magical.

This fascinating and intriguing description is just part of what you will experience as you are enveloped by the mentalism performance of Lior Suchard, the world’s leading mentalist artist who has conquered big stages around the globe and who is perhaps the person closest to being an actual mind reader and telepath!

Lior Suchard is an international mentalist, who constantly brings the field of telepathy and mentalism to new and surprising heights, never ceasing to innovate and perform. Lior has appeared on the most popular, highest rated talk shows and entertainment programs in the US and many countries around the world, he has swept audiences off their feet from the stages of the world’s largest and most famous venues. He has hosted events for the world’s largest brands and companies and stunned statesmen and politicians with his mentalism shows in some of the most exclusive and prestigious forums.

What is telepathy and is it real?

The word “telepathy” comes from the Greek and is a combination of the words far and the word for feeling or sensation. When we use the word “telepathy” we mean the ability to transfer thoughts and information from one person to another, or to a group of people, using only our minds, our thoughts, and without any sensory, visual or other means.

Over the years, in popular culture and science, telepathy has been considered a curiosity or something existing only in science fiction or fantasy rather than an actual or possible  ability of the human mind. But, while telepathic abilities such as those depicted in science fiction or superhero movies are indeed a fantasy and in no way realistic, in practice, science now knows of conceptual and even practical possibilities for applying telepathic elements, including studies showing a brain connection that suggests some form of telepathy or super-normal connection between people who are close to each other.

So, the telepathy you see in movies is not something possible or real. But even “telepathic” applications based on cutting edge technologies, innovative and interesting as they may be, are still impractical and don’t even come close to providing the WOW effect that you experience when you come face to face with someone who, in real time and without any technological tricks demonstrates what seems to be actual, mind-blowing, telepathic abilities.

This is exactly what you will experience when you see Lior Suchard’s astonishing, mind boggling telepathy and mentalist show.

A mind bending and unique telepathic performance

Lior Suchard takes you to a wonderful, fascinating and surprising world of mentalism and mentalist art, with a breath-taking telepathy show that will leave you astonished, speechless and on the edge of your seat. It is a performance that is full of drama and never-ending surprises, one that will leave you amazed and wondering how he manages to read the thoughts of the participants he selects from the audience.  He will leave you puzzling over how he’s able to predict with perfect accuracy what his subject’s choices will be.

Through precise and sophisticated use of different mentalism techniques, including his skill at reading body language, exceptional intuition, suggestion, guided imagery and the creation of imperceptible and ingenious distractions, Lior demonstrates breathtaking telepathic abilities, always accurate and surprising. Unlike anything you have ever experienced and seen.

In his shows and telepathic acts, Lior gives his audience everything he has, putting himself on-the line so that they have the best time possible. With immense skill, a large dose of humor, and his captivating, charismatic personality, he magically inserts his personal mentalist skills and entertaining elements leaving his audience dumbfounded. He artfully proves to the audience that he can “read” minds with unbelievable  accuracy and even implant thoughts and choices in the minds of his subjects and the entire audience.  By the end of the show, the audience are convinced that he is a real magician or has superpowers!

Lior Suchard’s telepathy and mentalism show is unique because it incorporates laughter and humor throughout the performance. All show segments are produced with the skill and experience that Lior has amassed after years of performing around the globe.  But more than that, Lior adds subtlety, ingenuity, humor and pure entertainment that makes the show a pulsating, sweeping experience that pulls you deep into the breathtaking world of telepathy and mentalism for the entire show. The audience is an active partner from start to finish, Lior keeps them alert and on the edge of their seats, active participants as he leads them from act to act, keeping then involved and entertained with endless surprises of telepathy, mentalism and sensory art. A show that is truly unique.

Your telepathy show!

Lior Suchard gives telepathy and mentalism performances around the world. He appears on stage, on TV shows, hosts conferences, conventions, and special business events. He is the perfect choice to host a company’s special event or occasion or a more intimate gathering. You can even book Lior to give a virtual telepathic or mentalist show or activity, using all of the existing video conference technology platforms – magic over the internet!

Today, you too can enjoy Lior’s breathtaking talents and have an unforgettable mentalism experience. Contact us now to book your show or event.