Is a sensory art show appropriate for all audiences?

Over the past few years, the entertainment genre known as sensory art has definitely grown significantly, with more and more people defining themselves as sensory artists and offering their services for shows and events – a trend that can be attributed, to a great extent, to the innovation and originality that Lior Suchard brought to the field, which won him the status of today’s leading mentalist and sensory artist in Israel and worldwide. But is a sensory art show appropriate for all audiences and any situation? Let’s take a closer look.

What are the target audiences in the entertainment industry?

First of all, let’s look at the different types of target audiences of entertainment shows, both in the context of sensory art and in general, when choosing entertainment or artistic content for your event. The central, most common audiences include, for example:

  • A mixed audience of adults: young people and older people, couples, groups and individuals, married and single, different types of populations – like at a regular entertainment show at a hall.
  • An audience who are all from one company or organization – such as at company events, parties for employees, and so forth.
  • An audience connected to a specific field – such as the audience at a professional conference or business conference who are also enjoying a mentalism show as part of the conference.
  • Children – a diverse and captivating audience that is very sincere, who of course need different, precise content – for example, children at a show at a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, and so forth.

Therefore, there can definitely be a wide range of audiences for shows and entertainment activities featuring sensory art, and not every type of content will be suitable for all audiences. For each different type of audience, the content and the acts of mentalism and sensory art need to be performed in a different style – in terms of characteristics, atmosphere, language, and the actual performance itself. But does this mean that sensory art is not suitable for every audience? Not necessarily. It all depends on the professionalism and the entertainment capabilities of the entertainer who is performing, and whether he can personally adapt the content and atmosphere to the relevant audience.

Mentalism and sensory art performances that are fully tailored to the audience!

After all of these explanations, in hopes that we clarified a few things regarding the question of whether a sensory art show is suitable for every audience – with the answer being dependent on the identity, professionalism, and entertainment capabilities of the sensory artist himself – we will emphasize again why Lior Suchard is the winning choice as a unique sensory artist for your upcoming show or event.

With all due modesty and sincerity, there aren’t many entertainers on the level and with such mesmerizing stage capabilities as Lior Suchard, not on the sensory art scene or in the international entertainment world in general, as Lior’s countless shows on the biggest stages in the world and appearances on the most popular television shows in the US and around the world will testify. In addition to being a phenomenal performer, one of Lior’s advantages and strengths is his amazing ability to personally adapt his shows to the audience in front of him, who actively participate throughout the performance.

Whether these are “general,” regular entertainment shows or special shows as part of a business event, appearance at a private event such as a birthday party, emceeing a conference, and so on, Lior Suchard’s sensory art shows are personally tailored for your event and to the relevant audience. This personalization is expressed in the mentalism and sensory art acts, the jokes, the transitional segments between the parts, the audience’s participation, the general atmosphere, and all of the elements that create these unforgettable events. So yes, Lior Suchard’s sensory art show could definitely suit any audience, thanks to Lior’s own professional and personal talents.