Shows for company Events

Company events are the perfect way to successfully give your employees a break and let them relax, to build team spirit or express your appreciation for hard work, to motivate and encourage a sense of belonging to the company. In the reality of today’s business and corporate world, employees have seen and experienced almost everything possible in a wide variety of company events, trips and team building activities. That’s why you need something different with the WOW factor that will take your event to the next level, allowing you to make the  maximum impact. That something “special” is a live performance by world renowned mentalist – Lior Suchard.

A gripping show that gives the audience a breathtaking experience

A show by Lior Suchard at your company’s event is the best choice you will make. Original and exciting, it’s an entertaining, breathtaking show that will excite and enthrall the audience – even those that have seen “everything” and come jaded to your carefully organized event. Lior Suchard is a world renowned, outstanding performer who provides a guaranteed, high-end entertainment experience, one that has already amazed and excited celebrities, statesmen and corporate CEO’s from around the globe.

Lior’s original shows are painstakingly and personally adapted to the style and spirit of your event, company and the message you want to deliver to your audience – whether it’s pure fun, team building, to motivate or create a feeling of belonging to the brand and company you represent.

Lior learns each client and each project before every performance so that the many different mentalist acts, along with the first-class humorous  skits that are expertly woven into the fabric of the show, create unique atmosphere and experience. The perfect show for your employees and company. It’s a truly unique, exciting, funny and inspiring performance.

Lior Suchard blends the company’s values and ideas to deliver your ideal message to the audience in an original and entertaining format. His personal adaptation reflects the organization’s identity and the brands, products and services you provide using your company’s unique characteristics, key company employees and more. Lior’s total adaptation of the show, using his skill as an entertainer and mentalist, lead directly to the unique event that you want to create.

Super sensory entertainment

A performance by Lior Suchard at your event provides amazing, spellbinding and incredible extra sensory entertainment in a show full of laughter and surprises. If you’re looking for an original, dynamic, innovative and exciting high-end performance, a show that will make your employees smile, laugh and be amazed over and over again; if you want to make them happy, keep them fixed to their seats and sincerely thank them – Lior Suchard is the perfect choice.

In his shows Lior combines unique mentalist feats including ”mind reading”, unexplainable displays  where he seems to control his subject’s thoughts and actions, uncovering amusing, hidden “secrets”, accurate prediction of the audience’s actions and choices – all served with the active participation of the audiences, a large dose of humor, elegant entertainment and fun and enjoyment.

Let’s talk business, but also pleasure!

Human Resource managers, employee retention and recruitment teams, and the CEO’s of the world’s largest companies and most famous brands invite Lior Suchard, time after time, to be the central attraction or the host for their different company events. Lior provides the very best in entertainment alongside an unforgettable and totally enjoyable experience for employees – and all personally adapted to the company’s content, style, goals and nature.  Lior brings a winning combination to all of his company shows – breathtaking entertainment, endless laughter, drama, originality and more, take the audience on a unique and enthralling entertainment roller coaster. The show provides the ultimate experience for any prestigious and exclusive company event as well as more intimate business events that need something special and powerful to break the ice and give those present an entertainment experience specially designed for them.

So, if you’re looking for the next big entertainment experience for your company event, if you want to spoil and surprise your employees at the end of a day of R&R or just give them a private, amazing mentalist act, adapted specifically for your company and employees (including video and digital platforms) – contact us now to set the date and start working with Lior Suchard on the show that will be talked about for years to come.