How to Keep Employees Stunned at a Company Event

If you’re looking for an idea that will blow everyone away at your next company event, something that the employees will enjoy, remember, and especially that won’t be routine or banal on the competitive scene of events and employers, we’ve got an interesting and especially effective proposal for you.

Company events are no longer just something you do once a year; they are essential to create a sense of belonging, motivation, and encouragement for your employees for their hard work and to give something back to them. But at the same time, exactly because company events have become such an important and significant activity at organizations over the years, today, they need to be something special, provide added value, and be original, so that they will actually obtain the desired outcome, for the organization and employees alike.

So how will you keep your employees riveted to their chairs at your next company event?  How will you organize an original, fun, and one-of-a-kind event that will really make an impact and be as great as possible? With an amazing mentalism performance by  Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the world today and the first choice of corporations and huge brand names all over the world.

The perfect attraction for company events of every style

For your company event to be successful, original, and unique, the content that you choose is no less important than the location, the gourmet catering, and the investment in various treats. The content needs to suit the style of the event that you hope to create – an enjoyable, exclusive event for employees only, a company event with families and children, an event in honor of a special milestone or achievement, or simply an annual celebration of employee appreciation, and so forth with the entire range of styles.

Lior Suchard is undoubtedly a winning choice of content, a perfect attraction that can be personally adjusted according to every style and type of company event. Not only is Lior’s performance stunning, original, insanely fun, and breathtaking, it is also led by a performer who is a stage and entertainment artist, a master in his field, who knows how to tailor everything especially for you.

An enthralling, funny, and surprising mentalism show, professional and high-level emceeing of your event, an original, sought-after activity for the event attendees – Lior Suchard offers a personalized experience suitable for every age, every style of event, and every type of participant.

Fun, surprises, laughter, and winning entertainment content

With Lior Suchard, no show or event is like another; everything is personally tailored, original, and flows in the manner that is ideal for the audience, the style of the event, and the essence and nature of the participants and the organization. Lior Suchard has been recognized as the leading sensory artist and mentalist in Israel and in the world for years now, a regular guest on prime-time shows and at luxury events of celebrities and major brands. He’s an entertainment artist who really offers a unique experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen at your previous company events.

Take participants on a captivating, interactive adventure

During Lior Suchard’s mentalism and sensory art performances and activities, the audience is an active participant throughout the event, constituting a vital component in its success and in the experience of the captivating, singular, surprising, and hilarious show. Lior’s mentalism segments break the participants’ perception of reality when the audience directly experiences his achievements and surprising mentalism capabilities. This is a show unlike any other, a performance with endless segments that will cause everyone not to believe what they are seeing, a multi-sensory experience that imparts a constant desire to see more. Even when you think that here, this time Lior will not succeed in precisely predicting a participant’s choice or discovering surprising details about volunteers from the audience, that he’s about to make the big “mistake,” he does the unbelievable and keeps you open-mouthed, unable to understand how he did these amazing things time and time again. In addition, every show by Lior Suchard is peppered with elegant humor, personally adapted segments to your company event, and endless amazing entertainment experiences.

Years of proven experience show over and over again that a mentalism show by Lior Suchard is definitely the surest, most successful way to keep your employees riveted to their chairs, wildly enjoying your next company event.