Mentalist Performance for Your Event ? Only the Original and The Best!

If you’ve decided on an entertaining and exciting mentalist performance for your coming event – then go for the best, the original, the most professional and famous– a sensory and mentalist experience by Lior Suchard!

Over the years, mentalism has “exploded”. Inviting a mentalist to events of all kinds has become extremely popular. It’s easy to understand why (of course, we’re totally objective…) because it’s such an enjoyable, entertaining, breathtaking and unforgettable experience. Inviting a sensory illusionist to an event provides an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience, one that the audience will enjoy tremendously as they become part of the show!

It’s important to remember when the immense popularity of mentalism began, or more precisely, who started it. We’re talking about Lior Suchard, the most sought after, internationally renowned mentalist entertainer. Not convinced? Just look at where he’s performed and for who!

Lior raises the bar for mentalist shows with every performance. He adapts his program to today’s dynamic and digital reality, attracting packed audiences around the globe. Lior Suchard has amazed and astounded his audience with massive doses of elegant humor and uncompromising professionalism for over 20 years – and he consistently changes his act and amazes even more!

The Perfect Match for Any Event – Entertaining and Exciting

Lior Suchard’s impressive record as a world class entertainer is proof that a mentalist performance is the perfect choice for any event. Add the laughter that Lior creates, the audience’s unique role in his performance and his personal adaptation of his acts to your event – and you have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable event that brings entertainment and enjoyment to a whole new level.

Lior Suchard performs his amazing mentalist feats on stages across the world. Performances that combine amazing acts and Lior’s special brand of humor that’s worthy of a top rate standup comedian. Lior is also invited to perform, both as an international performer and host for special events and occasions, at many smaller, prestigious, boutique events, appearing before celebrities, international CEOs’, the world’s leading politicians, and on prime-time TV shows watched by millions.

Today, Lior will take your event to the next level, providing a mind-blowing show that nobody attending will ever forget. Lior provides a unique, premium service, personally adapted, and guaranteed to amaze. He is the perfect choice for glittering business events, professional conferences, mentalist performances for that special birthday, for romantic evenings, anniversaries, team building events and much more.

The Only Mentalist Artist for Your Event – A Gripping and Surprising Show

The audience is an active part of Lior’s awe-inspiring acts of mentalism and sensory art. He exhibits his amazing abilities and, at the same time, provides a mind blowing and unforgettable experience. His ability to  “read minds”, plant suggestions, and understand body language allow him to “read” the audience like an open book. He makes astounding and accurate predictions about the audience’s choices or thoughts and many other surprises. All this and more is wrapped up with his special humor, and his uncompromising commitment to the quality of his performance and the audience’s enjoyment.