Organizing Company Events – Doing it the Right Way!

Company events are an essential and inseparable part of today’s corporate and organizational culture. These events provide the company with a platform for building improved, high-quality relationships with employees, customers, and partners. But exactly because these are such important and meaningful events, planning and organizing a company event must be done carefully, precisely, and feature a range of elements and parameters.

In the following post, we will describe and explain the key components that you need for a successful and well-planned company event, and how to do it the right way.

Define the objectives and goals of the event

This might sound a bit grandiose, but to produce a really good company event, you first need to define the objectives and goals of the event. There is obviously a big difference between an evening intended as a bonding, fun experience for your employees, and an event directed at your customers. Think and define what you want to achieve with the event, and that will make it easier and clearer to choose the production elements and plans for a successful and memorable event.

Location, emcee, and entertainment program – the holy trinity…

When it comes to organizing company events, there is what we refer to as the “holy trinity” for successful occasions that stay with the attendees long after it is over. One element is the location of the event, who is emceeing the event for the participants and audience, and what your program is in terms of entertainment. If these are not special, high-quality, and selected according to the essence and style of the event, as well as its goals of course, it will be very hard to organize a truly memorable event.

Location of the event

The location that you choose to host your company event will have a direct impact on the success and atmosphere at the event. The venue determines the tone of the entire event and immediately sends out a certain message, with a critical influence on the participants’ experience. This includes the physical location itself, the design, the food of course, the facilities that the location offers, the sound and multimedia systems, seating options, and more. Try to be original but true to the style and essence that you are aiming for – elegant or rather cool and chic, metropolitan or rural, a cocktail event or an event with full seating, and more.

Emcee of the event

The emcee doesn’t just present the different elements, speakers, or stages of the company event; he leads it, mastering over the entire program and the participants, and creating the perfect atmosphere. The emcee communicates with the audience, creates special interactions, and transforms the event from something banal and plain to something surprising, funny, and unique.

For the strongest impact, invite a master of ceremonies who is experienced, well-known, and has a proven track record. For example, Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the world and an emcee used by the biggest names in Israel and worldwide, makes company events really take off to new, unforgettable heights. He creates a special connection and draws in the audience, taking your event as far as possible.

Entertainment program for a company event

The entertainment, or the artistic program, of your company event are the third most important element that determines its success. It is no coincidence that organizations and companies put so much thought and resources into producing large events with content for employees and customers, in Israel and abroad.

The entertainment program must be a perfect fit for the objectives and goals of the event – which you defined and decided at the beginning – as well as creating a fun, surprising, captivating, and genuinely unique experience. An entertainment experience in which your audience are active participants and leave with unforgettable memories. Our winning idea is a mentalism and sensory art performance by Lior Suchard!

Conclusion: Producing an excellent company event

Today, in a world where many employees and customers have already “seen it all” at company events and are anxious to see how organizations will one-up themselves each year, you definitely need to meet the challenge and provide a high-quality, serious event – which can be difficult and requires careful planning. Pay attention to the small, important details, but also place a lot of emphasis on the components that make a company event perfect: a special venue, an emcee who will take the event up to the next level, and a fun, surprising, and sophisticated entertainment program.