Hosting a ceremony – hosting with an original and exciting twist

If you want your ceremony to be a success, impressive and significant, one that conveys the messages you want to deliver to the audience, then an excellent, engaging host is a critical element. Hosting a ceremony requires a combination of stage skills and flawless presentation of all the elements involved in order to achieve the perfect event with the right atmosphere and the exact combination of seriousness, humor and entertainment while being perfectly and individually adapted to fit the nature of the specific event. Lior Suchard offers you, both business and private customers, a hosting experience that is second to none. An experience that will captivate your audience and amaze them with its original and clever twists.

Throughout his long and successful career, Lior Suchard has been the Master of Ceremonies at a huge number of different events in Israel and abroad, including corporate ceremonies and events for leading brands, famous celebrities, statesmen and politicians, as well as countless, unforgettable private events. Now, he can host your ceremony or event as well, giving you a unique, original and unforgettable experience.

The Role of a Master of Ceremonies

The person who hosts an event or ceremony holds the success of the entire event in his hands. Thus, they play a central and significant role in determining the style, atmosphere and success of the event. The host must both excite and hold the audience’s attention. He must involve those present and convey the event’s message and purpose. He must amuse the audience while maintaining a level of seriousness appropriate to the goals and nature of the event.  The master of ceremonies directs and creates the flow of the ceremony and the entire event from its entertaining and substantial elements, sticking to schedule and ensuring that the event smoothly moves towards achieving its ultimate goals.

Ceremonies are events that meet us at many different points in our lives. From private events to events held by commercial and official entities from all areas of our lives. Thus, the host must adapt the content, and himself, to the type and nature of the event. He must connect the audience and participants to the event and its central messages and goals whilst providing an experience that is entertaining, original and unique.

Lior Suchard is, without a doubt, a host, compere and master of ceremonies who is both original and surprising. He provides the optimum combination of an entertaining show alongside a dignified and memorable ceremony, securely controlling all the elements of your event and delivering them to the audience with the precise amount and combination of entertainment, laughter, seriousness and content specific to your event.

How is an event hosted?

Hosting an event or ceremony is totally different from hosting an exhibition or conference (another professional service that Lior Suchard provides large and exclusive brands in Israel and abroad). The approach to an event or ceremony is personally and individually adapted to the specific event, its goals, characteristics and what it is meant to represent and deliver. Hosting a professional or commercial conference, however, tends to be more of an exciting “show” that introduces the various speakers and communicates branding or marketing messages regarding the conference’s subject. Hosting an event or ceremony, on the other hand, must be more formal and dignified. The ceremony’s purpose takes front stage whilst entertainment and laughter take second stage, helping to connect the different elements, taking the audience and participants on a shared and significant journey.

As a master of ceremonies, Lior Suchard brings with him many years of experience and proven success when hosting ceremonies that are unforgettable, original and breathtaking. The ceremony flows smoothly as Lior interweaves a precise, refreshing measure of seriousness and dignity alongside entertainment and enjoyment that keeps the audience involved from start to finish. The event’s subject and content are at the center and  Lior will always be there in his role of master of ceremonies and host, using his amazing skills as a mentalist, providing entertaining and amazing routines but always keeping the essential goals of the event firmly in the forefront.

Lior Suchard’s skills and talent as a master of ceremonies

  • He uses breathtaking examples of mentalism to break the ice and entertain the audience. His acts energize the event and keep the audience involved and attentive.
  • He is a professional and articulate master of ceremonies who will precisely convey your events content and message while eliminating any suspense or pressure the audience might feel.
  • Perfect and exciting hosting for audiences and events that need those WOW factor elements that make it stand out and memorable.
  • Lior is a professional and dignified host providing an exact and winning measure of amazing, original entertainment.
  • Lior’s skills are suitable for all audiences and types of ceremony and events. His show is personally adapted to your demands and requirements providing an experience that is breathtaking, relevant and delivered in a way that will keep the audience on the edges of their seats while ensuring the atmosphere and quality of your specific event.

Take your ceremony or event to the next level by using Lior Suchard’s world renowned hosting services.  Contact us today and book Lior Suchard to host your event.