How the Right Host can Attract More Guests to an Event

As a leading mentalist and entertainment artist of international renown, Lior Suchard has been privileged to host a wide range of special events in Israel and worldwide, before celebrities whose names are known in every household, or senior CEOs and politicians, or the strongest corporate brands, and so forth. Every event has its own magic, its specific defined objectives, and a unique audience that must be provided with the best experience. Therefore, we know from experience that choosing the best host for an event can definitely have a positive impact on the entire event, as well as attracting more guests and participants.

The right emcee brings with him the positive vibes and important skills for creating a high-quality event, constituting a point of attraction in terms of entertainment and content, and as a result increasing the number of RSVPs and attendance of guests in practice. He can increase ticket sales for special occasions, increase donations at fundraising events, and more. Today, we’ll explain how this happens.

Setting the stage: the role of an event host

Before we dive into the influence of the right host on attendance and on the success of the event, let’s try to understand the important role of the emcee in shaping the feel of the entire event:

  • Gathering the participants at the event and relaying the right initial messages to put the participants into a good mood.
  • Setting the tone of the event and creating a warm, inviting, and when necessary, also a prestigious and brand-focused atmosphere.
  • Facilitating a smooth, enjoyable transition between different parts of the program for the event, which encourages participation.
  • Serving as the representative of the event organizers, representing your vision and values in general, and the goals for the specific event in particular.
  • Keeping the event flowing well and managing adherence to the schedule and goals of the event.
  • Introducing speakers, different elements of the event, panel discussions, and so forth, all peppered with humor, elegant entertainment, and personalized for the event.
  • Supplying an enjoyable and unique entertainment experience, overall intensification of the entertainment element of the event.

Attracting more guests and participants by wisely selecting the emcee

Simply put, when your event has a familiar, respected host who is considered a world-famous entertainer and someone with a proven reputation hosting successful events at the highest level, more invitees will want to attend the event. It reflects seriousness, professionalism, and an investment in the quality, and it relays a strong branding message about you as the event organizers. This immediately causes invitees to understand that they have been invited to an experience that will include professional, social, or commercial content, but also entertainment, enjoyment, and unique content.

When you, as an organization or privately, mention that Lior Suchard, for example, will be hosting your event, an emcee and entertainer who has appeared on the leading prime-time shows in the US and around the world, who has successfully hosted events attended by world leaders, the most senior executives, and superstar celebrities – invitees will automatically be impressed and many more of them will come and get into the appropriate mindset that you seek to create at your event. Whether it’s a launch, conference, exhibition, private celebration or fundraising event – the right host will definitely cause more people to attend!

In addition, here are a few other reasons that choosing the correct host for your event will cause more guests to come and participate more actively at the event itself:

  • Charismatic draw, due to reputation and the impressive, precise ability to entertain and present content.
  • Effective communication that is personalized by the host for the type of audience, the event goals, and the other elements that create a winning event.
  • Creation of positive anticipation even before the event begins and during the event, through amusing, special, and fun presentation of content and elements of the event.
  • A strong, quality connection with the audience. The right host knows how to connect with his audience on the personal and emotional levels, which causes the guests to feel more appreciated, enjoy themselves, and creates a sense of natural belonging to the event.

Not only can the right host cause more guests to attend your event – he can also encourage more donations at fundraisers, upgrade the branding of your event at corporate or organizational events, and intensify the atmosphere and the outcomes of every occasion.