The Sensory Artist who Conquered the Biggest Stages in the World

In recent years, you have probably heard quite a bit of talk about mentalism and sensory art, and most likely attended at least one show that applies this fun and captivating entertainment and stage art. But did you know that one of the main people responsible for mentalism’s big break on entertainment stages and screens worldwide is none other than Lior Suchard? With hard work, investment, innovation in mentalism and sensory art, and the unique skills of a great entertainment performer, Lior has flown as high as possible and taken mentalism with him, conquering the biggest stages in the world.

From birthday parties as a teen to the peak of American prime-time

Childhood acquaintances in Haifa recall that Lior Suchard always stood out as an entertainer and performer, with magic shows and jokes at birthday parties as a teen, which gradually developed into especially thorough study of the world of mentalism and sensory art. Lior’s first jump onto the entertainment scene was when he won on the popular Israeli show The Successor (also known as The Next Uri Geller), during the first decade of the 2000s. Since then, Lior’s entertainment and mentalism skills completely took off and he succeeded in taking this special entertainment art – which was a pretty niche, sleepy field, and to the highest levels, all over the world, while simultaneously becoming synonymous in the world for the words mentalist and master mentalist in terms of his skills and achievements.

After dominating stages and television shows in Israel, the rest of the world quickly discovered the captivating and fun phenomenon of Lior Suchard’s mentalism performances. Thus, within just a few years and with a lot of hard work and determination, Lior was enthralling and entertaining viewers and the hugest, most-watched prime-time programs in the United States, appearing on iconic stages in the global entertainment world, and continuing to dominate more and more stages and television screens in many countries around the world and constantly increasing his success in the entertainment market here at home, in Israel.

This happened thanks to a unique, integral combination of learning and endless development as a mentalist, always renewing himself and taking the mentalism and sensory art segments farther and to more unbelievable levels, together with entertainment stage capabilities characteristic of the biggest performers.

The most well-known and beloved sensory artist

Today, Lior Suchard is undoubtedly one of the most familiar mentalists and sensory artists in the world, a famous name that immediately puts a smile on the faces of millions of viewers throughout Western countries and definitely some super-celebrities, entertainers, leading talk-show hosts, and directors of the largest brands in the world.

Throughout the years of his meteoric success, which continues at full speed today as well, Lior has conquered a number of international goals that few entertainers have achieved, let alone Israeli entertainers. Lior has appeared on television, on huge stages, and at private performances and events for the most famous, biggest celebrities in the world and the CEOs of the strongest, most well-known corporations.

Here is a limited but representative selection that shows how Lior dominated the biggest international stages with his breathtaking shows:

  • Guest appearances on leading prime-time shows in the US and worldwide throughout the years – Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden, Larry King, and many more.
  • Mentalism and sensory art performances on the largest, most famous stages in the world – in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Mumbai, and the list goes on.
  • Private shows at celebrity parties: Kim Kardashian and Kenya West, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Taylor, and many more familiar names from the worlds of cinema, music, sports, and entertainment, at the highest levels.
  • Emceeing events and mentalism shows at business and organizational events hosted by the biggest corporations – including CEOs of Microsoft, Google, huge banks, hi-tech companies, Bill Clinton, politicians, royal families, and a long, impressive list of personalities.

Lior Suchard conquers every stage and every audience, with unbelievable and unique capabilities of a sensory artist and master mentalist. He provides entertainment that is simply wonderful and unforgettable, appears very professionally in English and Hebrew, and captivates a richly diverse range of audiences. After dominating the biggest stages in the world and appearing before the most famous names, Lior’s name is associated with the word ‘mentalist,’ and you too can experience this breathtaking, fun, and hilarious wonder called Lior Suchard and his mentalism performance, at one of his upcoming shows.