A Bar or Bat Mitzvah show – an original, fun and unforgettable choice

It’s finally here, time for you to start planning your child’s bar or bat mitzvah. Obviously, you want this event to be something special, original and unforgettable, and we have the perfect solution.

For this once in a lifetime occasion – you need a once in a lifetime show, one that will entertain your guests, amaze them and one that they’ll never forget. The answer is an electrifying performance by internationally acclaimed mentalist Lior Suchard. He will amaze everybody with his powers, in a performance that is specially adapted for your celebration, for your guests and for your family.

For a truly unique and unforgettable celebration – Lior Suchard is the answer.

Make your mitzvah event really special

Today a bar or bat mitzvah is a major production with each event having to be bigger and better. Huge, grandiose productions, a range of attractions especially for the “guest of honor” and their friends who come to celebrate with them.

If you want to provide something unique and extra special, a show by Lior Suchard is, without a doubt, a unique and captivating choice. Lior gives you a breathtaking, engaging and funny show that will make your event a huge success and the talk of the town.

Mentalism and humor – specially prepared for your bar or bat mitzvah celebration

As well as being an amazing entertainer who never ceases to surprise his audiences with his mentalist abilities, Lior adapts his show to the event and audience. Lior fits his routines and his performance, and his interaction with the audience, to the reason for the event and its theme.

When you invite Lior Suchard to your bar or bat mitzvah you get a truly unique performance. Not just mentalist feats by the world’s foremost mentalist, but also a performance that sweeps the audience, young and old, off their feet.

Think back to all the times you’ve seen Lior Suchard on TV or in a show. Now imagine that he is appearing at your son or daughter’s celebration, on their special day, with a show that gets the entire audience involved and amazed, a show that is also filled with laughter and fun.

A gripping and stunning bar mitzvah performance

As well as performing amazing feats of mentalism on prime-time TV, at international events before stars, statesmen and leaders of international companies, Lior also performs at smaller,  intimate events such as your bar or bat mitzvah.

Lior gives a performance that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before at any bar mitzvah celebration. You enjoy a gripping and breathtaking show that will leave your children, their friends and your guests stunned and amazed, but also a show that will keep everybody laughing thanks to the special touches and acts focused on the guest of honor.

Lior’s show includes surprising, exciting and entertaining mentalist routines where Lior seems to read or influence thoughts whilst skillfully engaging the audience and giving special attention to the bar mitzvah boy or girl.

This is original and unique entertainment at its highest levels, one that gives your guests an enjoyable, amazing event that they will remember long after it’s all over.

Are you ready to be amazed and surprised? Do you want the guests at your son or daughter’s special day to have an unforgettable experience? Contact us today for details and to book the date for this unique show.