Does a mentalist have a sixth sense?

Have you heard the old, popular assumption that people have five main senses? Well, if you were ever at a performance by a mentalist or sensory artists, especially one by Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the world today, then you might think that there are people who simply have a sixth sense. A sixth sense that gives a quality, excellent mentalist what seems like superpowers that allow him to read thoughts, predict the future, and generally know and do things that regular people, with five senses, can’t do. So does a mentalist have a sixth sense? Or are these professional techniques and stage capabilities?

Over years of activity and production of mentalism segments that wowed and continue to wow audiences in Israel and in the most exclusive locations and high-exposure contexts in the world, Lior has often been asked if he has a sixth sense (after all, he’s the leading, most successful sensory artist in the world!). Therefore, we thought that it would be an excellent idea, once and for all, to answer this very common question – whether successful mentalists have a sixth sense.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – there’s no such thing as a sixth sense

Let’s cut the chase and tell you something that isn’t really a secret at all. People, not even a revolutionary, captivating mentalist like Lior Suchard, do not have a sixth sense in the classic sense of the word, a superpower or special, unusual sense that allows them to do unique things that most people can’t do.

Essentially, that old, familiar perception of five human senses has already changed, and science is promoting, in diverse ways, a new perception by which we actually have much more than five main senses. We have tons of different, specific senses relevant to various capabilities or aspects of our lives. But in any event, there are no superpowers or superhuman capabilities such as telepathy in the “science fiction” sense. People cannot actually read someone else’s mind or predict the future (or return to the past) in a precise and truly prophetic way. So what is it, and how does Lior Suchard, as an extremely successful and popular mentalist and sensory artist, do the things he does? Let’s “lift the curtain” and give you a closer look at the field and its most successful artists.

Mentalism and entertainment capabilities that totally look like a sixth sense

If a mentalist isn’t really gifted with a sixth sense or amazing superpowers, what does he have and what happens during these shows that enables a sensory artist like Lior Suchard to perform his surprising and astonishing segments that he is so famous for worldwide?

Being a sensory artists, master of illusion, or successful mentalist does not mean that you have a sixth sense. In many ways, it means significant, thorough exercising of all of the five main senses, and honing those senses. It means developing both scientific-cognitive skills and stage skills that leverages this special sensory art to an entertaining and astonishing level.

By developing their skills, deepening the capabilities of their other senses, and thoroughly understanding subjects such as how humans think, psychology, how to cleverly and intelligently manipulate the human brain, and so forth, a mentalist seems to have a sixth sense!

In this manner, Lior implements deep and very complex techniques and skills involving guided imagery, psychology, suggestion, neural sciences and cognition, intuition, and especially sophisticated and clever illusion building, to essentially “fake” a sixth sense and present you – his entertained, surprised, and enthralled audience – with the most revolutionary and special mentalism segments, in a hysterically funny way that has been captivating audiences for two decades already.

Lior Suchard never claimed that he had a sixth sense, only very developed mentalism skills – and that, in our opinion, is what makes his performances and achievements even more impressive and enjoyable.