How does a telepathic act work?

Remember those Sci-Fi movies where people read thoughts and plant their thoughts in others – all without the use of technology or speech? Even if telepathy hasn’t been proven to exist, telepathic acts do, and they provide entertainment that both surprises and excites the audience. Even more so when the artist is Lior Suchard.

Today we’ll explain how a telepathic act works, how it’s built and how it continues to astound, amaze and entertain you every time, no matter how many times you see it.

What’s telepathy?

Telepathy, a so called “superpower”  that’s featured in fields such as sci-fi, fantasy and mysticism, comes from ancient Greek – tele (distant) and pathos (feeling). It’s the transmission of thoughts and feelings from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical or technological interaction.

Scientifically and practically speaking, human beings aren’t telepathic. However, science is developing technologies relating to brain sciences that suggest there may be some scientific basis to what could, in the future, be seen as telepathy to the outside observer.

So, how does it work? Well, if we told you that, we would….  Seriously though, Lior Suchard uses his amazing skills to provide his audiences with unbelievable, breathtaking and exciting performances where he demonstrates his “telepathic powers”.

What happens during  a Lior Suchard telepathic show?

Lior Suchard isn’t really telepathic. He’s a world class, innovative mentalist and entertainer who combines unbelievable and unexplainable acts that make telepathy seem real. He reads the thoughts of random subjects from the audience, influences thoughts and decisions. He predicts with amazing accuracy exactly what his subjects will say and do and unearths secrets that his subject just thought about and didn’t vocalize. Without a doubt, his performance is outstanding. But how does he do it?

As a professional and expert mentalist, Lior uses a range of scientific, psychological and interpersonal  techniques to understand and extract information from his subject – even the person’s thoughts and what they are about to do. These include an uncanny ability to read body language, verbal and visual suggestion, guided imagery, NLP, a profound understanding of thought processes, finely tuned intuition and other psychological elements.

The structure of a telepathic performance – always surprising and exciting!

Whenever you see one of Lior’s telepathic and mentalism shows, you are astounded and surprised with new feats. Displays that leave you speechless, wondering how he manages to pull off his outstanding “supernatural” magic with such ease and in a way that keeps you entertained from start to finish. Even though you know that there is no such thing as telepathy, you have to wonder if he is really telepathic and able to read minds – because what other explanation is there?

His secret? A rare combination of skill, professionalism and a commitment to give his audience the best show possible.

Each of us is different, have different personalities and characteristics and Lior skillfully uses his awareness and expertise to build on those differences and keep you glued to your seat and sit through the experience of a lifetime. Truly remarkable!