A show that provides a full escapism experience

In the fast-paced, competitive, stressful world that we all live in today, escapism has become a very common term, with endless methods that people use to escape a bit to different feelings and atmospheres than their daily routines. There is nothing necessarily wrong with it, and the distraction can even help us cope, persevere, and function better. So if you’re interesting in escapism, there are not many experiences that provide it as precisely and enjoyably as a mentalism performance by Lior Suchard, a master mentalist and great entertainer.

Today, we will explain why and how Lior’s show is the perfect escapism experience, so fun that you won’t only escape for a short time to a different place, but it will even leave you with more strength, motivation and energy to jump back into your routine.

What exactly is escapism?

You might not have been familiar with this term until now (neither were we…) . What is that elusive feeling that so many of us seek from time to time in order to take a break from the daily grind?

Escapism is an activity that serves as a distraction for our thoughts and consciousness, using different mediums, with the defined or unconscious goal of escaping from the regular reality of our lives, stressful situations, and feelings of tension and burnout .

There are those who receive their dose of escapism through computer games, binge watching a series or “disconnecting” for two hours with a movie. There are those who prefer sports, exercising, dancing, or implementing a meditation technique. And there are those, like us, who choose entertainment in order to momentarily escape from reality and recharge, for example at the captivating entertainment shows of Lior Suchard.

Although escapism might sound negative due to the social connotations sometimes attributed to the act of escaping from a situation, it has actually been proven that positive escapism activities (not drugs or dangerous activities of course!) have a range of positive benefits and can strengthen a person psychologically and mentally. It can be an intentional, defined pause to recharge and come back to the world and to life with renewed energy.

Get your dose of escapism with Lior Suchard!

Lior’s shows are much more than “just” escapism, and the essence of mentalism as a form of entertainment is not based on this element of momentary escape from the standard world. But this is an added perk that many people definitely experience and share.  Therefore, our recommendation for adding something new and refreshing to your escapism experience is to enjoy Lior Suchard and his breath-stopping, unbelievable mentalism performance provide you with excellent entertainment that is funny and one-of-a-kind.

Lior is a great entertainer, with a precise, carefully planned show that is peppered with originality, shock, laughter, personalization, and endless surprises for the stunned audience. He is a master mentalist with an international reputation who is invited to prime-time shows all over the world and boutique events of the biggest celebs, who also want to enjoy a pure escapism experience from their stressful lives.

At every show and every time, Lior provides a full and different escapism event that is tailored specifically for the situation and atmosphere, with breathtaking mentalism achievements all wrapped in elegant humor. Suchard’s escapism is different than other shows because of his level of professionalism, precision, and Lior’s abilities as an entertainer and a mentalist – while you as an audience experience mentalism at its full intensity with amazing elements, on an international level of precision, prestige, and quality.

Come to Lior’s performance to receive your ideal, optimal escapism experience that includes mind reading, predicting the future, foreseeing the participants’ choices and actions, a wealth of jokes and laughter, and a complete experience that will give you the perfect break from your everyday routine.