How can limiting beliefs make a mentalism show less enjoyable?

In many situations in life, we are definitely in favor of rational thinking, searching for a logical explanation for everything, and acting in a logical, informed manner. But there are definitely situations in which this adherence to rationality, on the level that it literally becomes absolute faith, actually limits us. There are situations in which limiting beliefs stop us from experiencing special, enjoyable, and meaningful feelings in life – not on a “spiritual” level, but on a completely practical level.

Let’s take a look at how limiting beliefs can take away from your enjoyment at an amazing, inconceivable mentalism show filled with entertaining and surprising things that completely contradict with logic and don’t exactly provide a rational explanation to what you just saw. We are of course referring to the unique, heart-stopping mentalism shows of Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the world today and a star on the global entertainment scene.

In order to experience the full, ultimate “Suchard experience,” the kind that will stay with you for years to come and provide you with a lot of fun, surprise, amazement, laughter, and entertainment on the highest level, you need to momentarily pause the cynicism, the need to find a rational, clear answer to everything, and just let loose…  You’ll understand why below.

Beliefs that limit you from experiencing the full entertainment experience

The choice of the term limiting beliefs, as opposed to, say, limiting perceptions, is intentional. For many people, this rational outlook in fact becomes a real belief, one that often leads to cynicism, a lack of faith in people and things, and later, it damages the basic, important human ability to enjoy fun, entertaining experiences. Examples of such limiting beliefs that interfere and harm your ability to enjoy something like Lior Suchard’s extraordinary and unique mentalism show are:

  • Extreme, constant rationalism – always looking for a logical, clear, defined explanation for things.
  • Cynicism – thinking that everything is a trap, that someone is always trying to trick you.
  • Strong, essential faith in science – to the point that anything that does not have a clear, proven scientific explanation does not exist.
  • A victim mentality – a perception of reality in which you are the victim most of the time, so that even during a fun, entertaining show, you feel the performer is playing with your mind and poking fun at you.

If you experience beliefs and mentalities such as these, then perhaps a special mentalism show that challenges your realistic perception, such as Lior Suchard’s mentalism performances, might not be suitable for you. Yet we would like to suggest, even if you do identify with these beliefs, that you dare to try something new just once. Come with an open mind to experience something different, release these underlying beliefs and perceptions, and enjoy something fun, surprising, funny, and often incomprehensible and puzzling.

Why do these beliefs hinder your enjoyment at a mentalism show?

It’s because they create a screen that stops you from simply enjoying yourself, simply living in the moment, without understanding how Lior does what he does. It stops you from being surprised, laughing from the clever humor, and asking yourself over and over again – how did he do that?!

There’s nothing wrong with a rational perspective that searches for scientific explanations to many aspects and phenomena in our lives, but the truth is that in some situations, this limits and bothers us – when it’s simply not relevant. While Lior’s mentalism and art of the senses is definitely not based on superhuman, unexplained powers or capabilities, rather on science and on familiar, established techniques performed with the precision and skill of a master entertainer, you will only feel what so many viewers and participants in Israel and all over the world gain from Lior’s shows when you let loose and come with an open mind.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to explain or understand how Lior knew how to read the thoughts of participants at the show; you won’t know how Lior knew what the participants would choose or do at a certain point, and how he knew all the details he knew without ever meeting any of the participants on stage beforehand. That’s exactly the fun and enjoyment of these mentalism shows. You’re invited to relax and enjoy a fantastic and inexplicable entertainment experience with Lior Suchard!