What is a Team Building Activity?

“Team building” is phrase often used today. But what exactly is a team building activity and what’s needed to create one that does what it claims and builds genuine team spirit?

The Essentials of Team Building and Their Importance

Team building is a process involving a group of people that creates social or organizational solidarity. It builds a close knit and efficient social framework, develops the ability to listen and work together for a defined purpose. In general, it creates a strong and tangible sense of unity, of belonging to something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

An integrated team of workers feels stronger, is more efficient and communicative and interact with each other with greater ease. Team members who have undergone a team building process are more committed to the team, the organization and to others in the team. They feel socially and professionally secure, benefit from free and open communications, higher motivation and work together as a real team, working professionally towards a common goal.

Characteristics of a Real and Effective Team Building Activity

Meaningful team building activities, those that genuinely create a perceptual and practical shift  amongst participants, are those that take them out of their comfort zone (something that could definitely be positive and fun). They are activities that make people experience and see the world differently and open them up to real change. One other, super important characteristic of an efficient team building activity is fun! It has to be fun, when participants have fun together and undergo a unique, pleasant experience is when social and team building are achieved naturally.

Team Building Activities with Lior Suchard that Amaze Your Senses

We’ve explained what team building is and hopefully answered all your questions. Now onto the real deal – suggestions for the best, unique and sensory amazing team building activities with the world’s leading mentalist – Lior Suchard.

In all of his activities, Lior Suchard interacts in a totally unique fashion with the audience who play an active role in the show. The audience is far more than a passive audience. They play a significant and active part in the activity’s success while enjoying some great laughs and unbelievable surprises provided by Lior’s mentalist tricks. The audience is part of the show, involved in all the acts, and has an unforgettable experience. The fun and interactive activity is a major part of Lior’s successful recipe  for creating a real team building activity.

Lior Suchard’s team building activities are part of an exclusive, entertaining and fun filled package. That’s why executives, leaders, and international celebrities invite Lior to their events. The process can take place during a personal performance for employees or when he hosts a commercial or professional conference where he shows his amazing mentalist skills between speakers. The perfect combination of a hilarious standup comedy routine with one of the world’s best mentalist acts where Lior uniquely adapts the spellbinding show to the event and the audience.

Looking for a unique and original team building activity? Something special that will be fun and crazy and create a real change? Contact us today for more details and to set a date for a sensory performance that nobody will ever forget.