Team building for small teams and companies

A team that works together, that harnesses the strengths of each of its members to obtain shared business goals, is a stronger team. That’s why, from time to time, it’s a good idea to organize an activity to build team spirit and identification outside of the regular work environment. Lior Suchard provides a unique and original service that gives you the perfect framework for team building events – whether for an evening or an entire day.

If you own or manage a small company and are looking for original, creative and unique idea for your team building activity or for an exciting and dynamic team evening, then we have the perfect solution, one that has been used by the CEOs of many large, international companies and brands, celebrities and politicians – team building activities developed and led by Lior Suchard.

A unique program specially developed for your team!

As well as huge shows, mentalist acts that Lior performs before millions of viewers on international prime-time TV shows, he also offers a unique and unforgettable experience that he personally adapts specifically for team building and social events for small companies and select teams. The end result is nothing less than outstanding with the participants enjoying a unique and unforgettable performance that tightens their bonds as a team.

For these unique team building events, Lior goes that extra mile and doesn’t give you his “regular” show of international mentalism. Instead, he develops a special and unique concept and activity that is adapted for your team and its needs, one that takes into consideration the team’s makeup and character as well as the organization’s character and goals.

If you have ever seen any of Lior’s mind-blowing mentalism acts, then you understand how great a performer and entertainer he is. Now, take his skills as a mentalist, entertainer and personality and combine all that in an intimate event with a small group of people and you have a magical and successful team building activity.

A team building activity like no other!

When you invite Lior Suchard to be your main attraction at your team building program for a small company, you are guaranteed an experience unlike any other attraction, activity or show that you have ever been to. You and your employees will enjoy (and be active participants) in a fascinating, humorous, amazing and totally unique journey. A journey of discovery, of innovation and eye-opening revelations, creativity. You will see things that you take for granted in a new light, from a different perspective and the icing on the cake – you’ll have an amazing, unforgettable and enjoyable time with your team and colleagues.

Using liberal doses of humor and with the active participation of all those present in his amazing feats of mentalism and “ESP”, you will embark on a quest to examine the world we live in new and creative ways. The quest is interwoven with humor and laughter, amazement and enjoyment. At the end of their journey, your team will be even closer and stronger!

A team building event with Lior Suchard – the perfect, original and unforgettable choice for team building activities for small companies. An unique experience that will achieve all that you want and expect (and more) from a company team building activity!