An attraction for your next event that you never thought of…

There are tons of different attractions today that you can bring to events, from activities to special shows. But how many of these attractions actually provide a significant, genuine experience, something that stays with you long afterward? How many of these attractions will you remember years later and reminisce about excitedly over family dinners? Probably not many. Yet this is exactly what happens after performances of Lior Suchard, the leading master mentalist in the field today.

A show by Lior Suchard can definitely be an attraction for a special occasion that you never thought of, a special attraction that is extremely popular and that genuinely leaves an impression that stays with you for years, due to the surprise, innovation, and abundance of fun and entertainment at the highest level.

Maybe you hadn’t considered a mentalism show by Lior Suchard for your upcoming event because you thought it would be too expensive, or that Lior only does appearances abroad or on television. Or maybe you simply didn’t consider an entertainment performance that would bring new thrills and captivating content for the senses right to your event. But in fact, this is a wonderful, original option that will lift your event much higher.

Even if you watched Lior perform his inexplicable mentalism and sensory art shows on television over the years, or you’ve heard stories from people who experienced Lior’s fabulous entertainment show, being physically present is an experience that can’t be fully described in words. It’s something you need to feel, sense, and see with your eyes in order to really understand the intensity.

A phenomenal, heart-stopping mentalism experience

After you experience, see, and feel what Lior Suchard provides you and the viewers during a personally tailored mentalism performance at your special occasion, you’ll understand why it’s an attraction for events that you never considered before, and why Lior is such a popular entertainer on a global level.

There are many funny, surprising, and amusing snippets of Lior’s shows on television and digital media. You can hear about the thrilling mentalism achievements that Lior performed for various people, including people you know, but it’s impossible to really describe why his show is such a remarkable and breathtaking attraction – mentalism and sensory art at their very best. Only after you see and experience it first-hand do you really understand. Because you don’t just watch an enjoyable, funny, and surprising show; you participate in the full experience and you can feel it.

When we say that a show by Lior Suchard is such an incredible experience, we mean that it’s the kind you’ll keep talking about with your family and friends over and over again for years to come (we promise, since we’ve seen it happen so many times!). It’s thanks to Lior’s rare combination of skills as a talented master performer and mentalism and sensory art tricks that defy logic and your perception of reality. Lior’s performances include elements that look completely like superpowers, which is a reflection of his extensive experience and precise techniques. Here are a few examples:

  • When Lior precisely identifies what participants in the audience were thinking about him.
  • Predicting the choices that participants in the audience will make and the actions they will do during Lior’s mentalism tricks.
  • Exact, astounding “mind reading.”
  • When Lior influences, without a rational explanation, the actions or choices of participants in the audience.
  • Hilarious wit, thanks to precise humor that is elegantly incorporated throughout the show.
  • A range of sensory art “surprises” throughout the performance with results that are literally unbelievable yet occur right before your eyes.

For your next event, instead of going for something banal that everyone’s already seen and heard of, go for an original, exclusive, and amazing attraction that will truly provide all of the participants with an unforgettable experience and will stay with you for years to come – a mentalism show by Lior Suchard.