A complete glossary of mentalist terminology

Mentalism and sensory art are closely related one to the other and synonymous with a field of entertainment that is enjoying unprecedented popularity thanks to the amazing creativity and innovation of artists such as Lior Suchard.

If you saw one of Lior Suchard’s breathtaking mentalist acts that he gives around the world, if you are looking for world class, thrilling and also humorous entertainment that gives the audience an unforgettable experience and that takes them on a journey that’s changes their outlook on reality, and if you want to know more about the wonders of mentalism – we have prepared this glossary of mentalist terms for you.


Suggestion is a central tool in the amazing mentalist feats performed by master mentalists such as Lior Suchard. Suggestion is a psychological process that, when implemented properly, can guide the subject to feel, experience, choose or say specific things, things that the person making the “suggestion”, wants to happen. Suggestion works through the use of words and also visual triggers caused by the movement of the body or other objects.

A simple example of suggestion could be if we tell you a story in an entertaining and captivating fashion. For example, when telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we mention “carrots”. If done correctly we could then ask you to choose a number and color and it is quite possible that you will choose the number seven and the color orange.


Hypnotism is much more than something from the movies or fairy tales. It is a very real mental procedure that can be used, amongst other things, in extreme cases requiring mental or physiological treatment. When hypnotized the subject has what is often called an “out of body” experience and enters a different state of consciousness where they are not fully awake, but also not fully asleep. In this condition, it is possible to explore the subjects mind and even plant suggestions, ideas and facts. Hypnotism, in its medical form, when used to treat patients, is a serious procedure, one that only licensed practitioners are allowed to use in Israel.

However, in the world of sensory and mental art, hypnotism is a tool that is far from the definition of medical hypnotism, much weaker and definitely not a therapeutic tool.  In fact, we can say that it isn’t even “full hypnosis” but rather a combination of suggestion and the artist’s ability to influence the choices and words of the participants in their act.


Despite what many may think, the human memory is nothing like that of a computer’s that stores accurate information indefinitely in its “brain”. Human memory is dynamic, affected by external influences and also changes every time we remember a situation in our lives. The sensory artist or mentalist uses their understanding of how our memory works to create amazing and surprising effects when, for example, they “extract” memories from a subject’s mind or use the audience’s memories to achieve the desired result as part of the show,

Influencing thoughts and decisions

This is an important element in the mentalists tool kit, one that combines a number of important techniques used by the mentalist including suggestion, intuition, memory and much more. As with all elements of sensory art and mentalism, this isn’t about supernatural powers but rather the ability to use, intelligently and accurately principals of psychology, science and yes, entertainment. Put together they enable master mentalists like Lior Suchard to amaze audiences around the world with his unbelievable feats where he appears to influence the thoughts and choices of his subjects.

Mind reading

Mind reading, in the supernatural and mystical sense, does not, as far as we know, exist. So how is it possible that in so many of his acts, Lior Suchard seems to read the thoughts of his audience? In fact, “mind reading” is one of the supreme achievements of a master mentalist. By combining a range of mentalist techniques, the artist is able to reach what appears to be a supernatural understanding of his subject’s mind and extract accurate and exact information that leaves the audience amazed and mystified.

Non-verbal information

Non-verbal communication is a powerful tool used by all of us in our everyday lives. This is also true, but to a much greater extent, for the skilled mentalist. Through gestures, movement, posture, eve movement and many other forms of non-verbal communication,   it is possible to communicate many different “messages” and even “read” and extract information. The non-verbal communication tool is easy to understand but difficult to implement. But in the hands of master mentalist, Lior Suchard, it is central tool used in many of his acts and shows.

Body language reading

As with non-verbal communication, reading and understanding body language is an extremely powerful tool when one knows how to use it. This is true in life, at work and in our inter-personal relationships and, needless to say, especially in an amazing, mysterious and breathtaking display of mentalist skills such as those used by Lior Suchard in all of his shows. Reading body language is a psychological technique that, by analyzing gestures, movements and physical behavior enables us to extract vast amounts of information about the subject’s emotional, mental and physical state. This is something we do all the time, often without realizing it. However, master mentalist Lior Suchard uses this ability to the full to amaze audiences in his entertaining and breathtaking performances.


Intuition is a powerful human characteristic, one is underrated in today’s modern world despite the fact that intuition is used alongside subtle and amazing interactions and distinctly rational thought processes. Intuition is defined as the ability to draw conclusions quickly, based on what would appear to be very little information and the intellectual implementation of past experience, knowledge and events from the past. This is referred to by many as a “gut feeling”. In fact, the source of our intuition is our brain, and it is a significant part of the human thought process where the balance between intuition and slower, rational thought is a life skill in its own right.

Any leading mentalist such as Lior Suchard has high and focused intuitive capabilities, they are able to understand things about those participating in their acts at lightning speeds, to draw conclusions, and act accordingly, focusing on the required result in a way that will leave audiences amazed.

Attention to detail

For the world’s leading mentalist, one who appears on the biggest and most watched shows in the world, attention to detail is critical to his success and his continued innovation in the field of mentalist entertainment. The mentalist must be aware of a vast sea of details, large and small, and use those details and his skills in his performances to bring them to the breathtaking conclusion that is the goal of every mentalist act. The sensory artist must be aware of every single detail including physical details, the tings participants say, their body language, non-verbal communications, and much more.

Want to know more and see how all these terms come together in an amazing entertainment reality that is impossible to grasp and  almost supernatural? Then come and see Lior Suchard in one of his mind-bending performances or invite him to your event.