Does a Sensory Artist Need to be a Charismatic Person?

In the captivating and popular entertainment known as sensory art, the audience are taken on a surprising, enjoyable, and mesmerizing journey through the mysterious ways of the human brain. They are exposed to the inexplainable and often breath-stopping capabilities of the sensory artist, with segments that include mind reading, predicting the future, and anticipating the choices and actions of participants at the show. In order to run such a show and create the best possible entertainment experience, the artist must have excellent stage skills in addition to superb sensory art and mentalism capabilities. So does a sensory artist need to be a charismatic person?

Charismatic or shy? Can both types become a sensory artist?

Well, the short answer to the question is that yes, the truth is that a sensory artist and mentalist must be a charismatic person in order to work into this field and succeed at the highest levels, like Lior Suchard’s standard. The fact is that not every person can do anything, and personality and character traits definitely have an impact on the career path that people choose and in which fields they will be successful. The same holds true regarding sensory art, and is even more relevant in this context because this is a stage, entertainment art, an occupation that requires a person to be successful in captivating an audience with an enjoyable, significant entertainment experience. Without charisma, in addition to other professional skills of course, it is simply not possible to succeed in doing this, especially not professionally and at a high level.

Nevertheless, a person can be very charismatic on stage and be an excellent entertainer, who takes the audience on a journey and draws them into a special, powerful experience, while still being a relatively shy person when off stage. But the majority of the famous, most successful mentalists and sensory artists are very fond of interactions with other people, need them in order to develop and grow, and are very charismatic on stage.

The importance of charisma for sensory artists

Charisma, in general, is defined as a collection of character traits that give a person the ability to convince others, effective, high-quality interpersonal communication skills, clear, prominent personal “magic,” self-confidence in front of people and audiences, good rhetoric, speaking, and presentation skills. A charismatic person is the kind of person who can pull people after him, convince them, and give them a sense of security, leadership, and trust.

Based on this broad definition, it is pretty easy to understand why a sensory artist needs to be charismatic, even very charismatic, in order to reach the highest levels and provide an enthralling, singular entertainment experience.  It is also clear now why traits such as shyness, introversion, and difficulty speaking in front of audiences would definitely hinder someone from developing into a successful sensory artist.

Lior Suchard, for example, uses a range of mentalism and sensory art techniques in his performances, at events and during segments that he executes all over the world. These include psychology, guided imagery, suggestion, NLP, quick calculations, reading body language, managing interactions with participants, and much more. In order to create a surprising, quality sensory art segment that draws the audience into the show and causes them to believe and to truly experience everything at its full intensity, he must be charismatic, confident, eloquent, and intense himself. In addition, Lior integrates a lot of fun, relaxing humor into his shows, alongside his high mentalism and sensory art capabilities, and these strong charismatic traits enable him to provide such a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

However, charisma alone isn’t sufficient, and in order to be a successful, leading sensory artists, a person must work very hard to learn this complex field, to achieve high-quality entertainment skills and be humorous on stage, and to know how to constantly develop new, surprising segments.

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