Professional Conference Host

In today’s digital era, where we’re bombarded daily with dozens, if not hundreds, of digital messages, you need the WOW factor if you want to grab people’s attention and create a positive effect. Something original, surprising, unique, with just the right amount of drama, humor and mind-blowing astonishment to finish things up. All of this, and much, much more, you get when Lior Suchard hosts your convention or other professional event, with his breathtaking mentalist performance.

Lior has hosted and been the main event in many conferences, corporate and business events, for leading brands and companies globally. For a truly remarkable and unforgettable professional event, one that will get your message across perfectly, book Lior Suchard!

Master Mentalist for your Main Event

Lior Suchard is currently the world’s ”Number One” mentalist. He has amazed audiences and viewers globally for years and has appeared on prime-time TV talk-shows and entertainment programs. A master mentalist, he is always out there, leading the field, always innovating and keeps surprising audiences with every new show and event.

Lior Suchard , as the main event in your upcoming corporate gathering, brings with him the unique, breathtaking and entertaining “infotainment” model he developed specifically for business events. Lior can also be the Master of Ceremonies for your professional and business event, keeping your audience amazed and amused with funny and mind-blowing mentalist acts when introducing segments and presenting speakers and panels. He will keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. Lior provides a complete package  that is tailored to your needs and messages, full of amazing mentalism “magic”, drama, laughter and a crowd that is fully engaged with the show and, ultimately, your message.

Let Lior Suchard host your next event or convention. The effect and impact of your message will be magnified beyond belief when Lior exposes your audience to his unbelievable, gripping and hugely entertaining mentalist performance.  

Tailor Made Conference moderator – Perfectly matched to your message

Lior Suchard is the perfect conference facilitator for professional conventions and expos, business events and all productions. Wherever he appears as MC, his performance is tailor made for the specific event and the client’s goals. He expertly finds the perfect mix of mind-blowing mentalism “tricks”, drama, humor and continuous surprises, all woven together into a high-end and entertaining show, masterfully led throughout by Lior Suchard.

Lior develops and provides custom content specifically for your event, with much time and thought going into each act, show segment and his role as host. Lior’s unique presentation and hosting methods provide a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, which places the emphasis on your brand identity, your messages and the messages, ideas and concepts to want to deliver to the audience.

For example. Lior can build custom mentalist acts, in which the surprising and astonishing ending delivers an entertaining, intriguing and smart message about your business’s brand, new products or services. Throughout the event, Lior provides entertainment that engages the audience, makes them laugh and amazes them, all at the same time. His long experience enables him to perfectly synchronize between professional content and keynote speakers and is a great way to keep your audience interested and focused.

A truly incredible and inspiring performance!

Lior Suchard’s, as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) and his world leading mentalist performances for professional and corporate events are always original, surprising and fun filled., building on his years of experience providing inspiring mentalism acts and presentation skills. Lior’s hosting and performing format for high-end professional events is aimed specifically at today’s sophisticated corporate and business audience. The show includes spellbinding mentalism acts including “mind reading”, ”mind control” and much more, all wrapped up with a great sense of humor. Everything is elegantly connected and tied together for an incredible overall experience, totally different from what you have come to expect from regular professional and business events. With Lior Suchard as your conference host or as your main event, you can be sure your event will be anything but ”regular”!

When you book Lior Suchard to host or perform at your event, the audience is an active part of the show, taking part in mentalist acts and interacting with Lior and with each other. This adds a lot of character and personality to the event and makes it stand out in the audience’s memory from any other event they have ever attended. Lior Suchard will show your audience that they matter and that your event is different, sending them away with an unforgettable, positive memory that they will associate with your company!

After leaving the biggest stars, businessmen and politicians totally amazed and mind-blown, wondering just how he performs such amazing feats, Lior Suchard will be happy to host your upcoming event and take it to new heights, with a spectacular mentalism show and intelligent hosting that’ll keep everyone wide awake and attentive.