How to Match the Entertainment to the Type of Audience

When planning an event, one of the central factors for its success is choosing entertainment that resonates and creates a wonderful experience for the audience attending the event. In general, understanding the demographics, the preferences, the culture, and the general background of the audience at your event is vital in creating a quality, enjoyable event that suits your objectives and style.

There are of course entertainment options that touch upon universal points of enjoyment, content, and amusement in their purest form, especially when performed by a super-professional entertainer who is precise and clever, and knows how to feel the audience in real-time, “read the room,” and supply a personalized, unique, and refreshing performance.

Based on the rich, proven experience that Lior Suchard has amassed by providing sweeping and captivating entertainment to a huge range of audiences and on mediums all over the world, today we will explain how to match the entertainment at an event to the character and style of the audience, and how to aim for the broadest common denominator but still keep the quality high.

Many different types of audiences at many different types of events

When we talk about an event, this is a term that essentially includes many different types of events and, naturally, many different types of audiences. There are private events, large public events, small and prestigious boutique events, exclusive and detailed corporate events, company events for employees, and many other styles of events.

Therefore, at an event, there may be a young audience, an older audience, an audience that is all or mostly from a certain corporate or financial field, an audience with a similar, pretty uniform cultural or demographic background, or alternately – a very mixed audience in terms of styles, backgrounds, and preferences. A business event for senior managers and investors of an international commercial brand is appealing to a very different audience than a company event for employees, a private boutique event, or an entertainment show for the general public in a large hall.

Lior Suchard – master mentalist and a master of entertainment for diverse audiences!

Based on this explanation, it is clear that different types of events have different audiences, backgrounds, and characteristics, and so an entertainer of global proportions with a proven reputation on the largest and most important stages in the world, like the master mentalist Lior Suchard, is also a skilled expert in creating an entertainment experience that appeals to diverse audiences and that takes each audience in a hall or at an event on a journey that is fun, hysterically funny, constantly surprising, breathtaking, and boggles the human mind with the wonders of sensory art.

A mixed, diverse audience or an audience with a similar style and background

In principle, even before choosing the entertainment program for your event, it is worth evaluating the style and preferences of the audience at your event in terms of the content of the entertainment – after all, the purpose is to create a positive, enjoyable event that matches the target audience and the objectives of the event. Think about it – there are very good reasons why people don’t bring a macroeconomics lecture to a festive, sparkly launch event, or a hysterical stand-up comedian to a professional conference on a serious topic such as social violence or the cost of living.

Despite what we said about Lior Suchard being an excellent entertainer who really provides an amazing and mesmerizing entertainment experience to almost every target audience, whether it is uniform and specific or completely diverse, it is still recommended to analyze and assess the style and type of target audience at your event in order to choose the ideal entertainment.

What should you consider?

Look, for example, at the general and broad demographic data of the target audience at your event, the overall style of your event and the audience who will be attending, the worlds of content that suit the style of the event and the audience who are invited. Notice if there are similar age demographics among most of the attendees (different generations definitely have different entertainment preferences in most cases), and notice the cultural backgrounds of the target audience at the event. In general, take into account whether the entertainment content that you are aiming for is in fact appropriate for the nature of the event and especially the character and style of the target audience.

An incorrect choice can simply be unenjoyable and irrelevant to your audience, at best, and downright damaging in worse cases.

Want to hear more about Lior Suchard’s phenomenal ability to sweep up all of the different types of audiences in an unparalleled entertainment experience? Watch segments from some of his past shows and events and contact us for more information and reservations.