He’s not a magician

How does he do it? It’s impossible! What just happened here? Does he have supernatural powers? It must be magic! These are just some of the reactions of surprised and amazed people who witness Lior Suchard’s amazing feats of mentalism and sensory art.

Even though Lior’s amazing displays of mentalism, may seem like magic and supernatural abilities – he is not a magician. In fact, he’s the exact opposite!

Unlike the claims of other entertainers, who have flooded the field of mentalism, Lior Suchard isn’t a magician and has never claimed to be one. In fact, Lior doesn’t use anything magical or supernatural in his unbelievable and mind-blowing mentalism shows. Instead, he relies on his skills as a unique artist to perfectly implement psychological, scientific and perceptual techniques to guide his subjects and the audience to the amazing climaxes that are the trademark of all of his shows around the world.

He’s not a magician – he’s a mentalist!

Were you looking for a magician for your upcoming event? Want to know how those famous tricks are performed? Do you think that mentalists and magicians are one and the same thing but using different names? Well, Lior Suchard isn’t a magician and never, throughout his long and illustrious career, has he ever claimed to be one. So, what is he? He is the world leading mentalist and sensory artist, a unique and charismatic performer.

Magicians rely on visual and mental distraction, sleight of hand, the use of “tricks” and special effects to create an illusion of magic. There are magicians who claim to have magical powers that allow them to perform supernatural feats, but I’ll let you into a secret – nobody really has supernatural or magical powers.

Lior Suchard is a mentalist, not a magician. He entertains audiences around the globe with amazing feats of mentalism where he creates the illusion of supernatural powers, mind reading, implanting thoughts in a subject’s mind, foretelling the future and more. But it’s only an illusion, and that’s how Lior presents his talents. This makes his talent and abilities even more professional and impressive than claiming to have magical powers.

Lior Suchard uses suggestion, his understanding of body language, psychology and thought processes and how they influence us,  guided imagery and attention to the smallest of details to create his own “magic”.

Lior uses his skills as a mentalist and a great performer to give audiences some amazing shows, all liberally laced with humor and wonder, as he reads minds and predicts what his subjects will choose or do. He is able to influence participants from the audience to do the things he wants them to do, without them even knowing they are doing this at his suggestion. These and other amazing, mind-blowing elements are what make all of Lior’s performances special and unforgettable.

Lior Suchard creates an interaction between himself, his acts and his audience that sweeps them away on a journey of wonder and enjoyment, of surprise and laughter.

So, Lior Suchard isn’t a magician, he is the world’s leading mentalist, an innovator  and with a passion and dedication for creating new, enthralling experiences for his audiences. Each and every one of his performances brings the art of mentalism and his audience’s enjoyment to even greater heights.