Birthday celebrations and private shows for the famous

Have you seen Lior Suchard perform his amazing and unbelievable feats of mentalism on television, YouTube or on stage at an event where he appeared or compered?

Now imagine how fantastic it would be to experience all that from close up where the entire show is dedicated to you – sounds amazing right? Lior Suchard, the world’s leading, master mentalist, appears at private events and exclusive birthday celebrations. After he has amazed prominent personalities and celebrities in Israel and across the globe, now it’s your turn. Lior can be the main event at your celebration.

Exclusive birthday parties for celebrities

Lior Suchard is considered to be the world’s leading mentalist and a groundbreaking entertainer and performer. He is constantly redefining the boundaries of his profession and the depths of enjoyment, amazement, and originality possible in each breathtaking, gripping show. It’s easy to understand why inviting Lior to appear at a prestigious and sparkling birthday event is so popular and never disappointing.

Lior has appeared at the birthday parties of major celebrities around the world, leaving even the biggest and richest of them, those who have seen and experienced “everything” astonished, amazed and also laughing uncontrollably at his amazing acts of mentalism.

Take for example Lior’s appearance as the main attraction at Kanya West’s surprise birthday party, organized by Kim Kardashian. Lior also amazed the massive audience at the huge birthday party in honor of Barbara Streisand when she turned 70. In fact, there are countless examples of celebrities from the world of entertainment, the media, the arts, and many more that Lior has entertained on their or their children’s birthdays.

Take everything you’ve seen Lior do on prime-time TV, online viral videos, and countless performances on the world’s largest and most famous stages and put it at the center of your event. Only this time, you are the focus of interest and all the surprising and unimaginable acts of mentalism and sensory art are custom designed especially for you. You can be sure that not only will you have the time of your life, but your guests, who are an integral part of the show,  will be stunned as Lior reads their thoughts, predicts exactly what they are going to say or choose and do.

Lior Suchard’s birthday show – the perfect choice for a celebrity’s high-end event and an unforgettable experience!

Private performances for the famous

Just as he appears at the private birthday celebrations of celebrities and other well-known people, Lior Suchard also appears at private shows for the famous, where he places his full attention on bringing you a show that is adapted personally to you and at the highest standards and prestige that his audience is accustomed to.

Lior has performed at exclusive, private events for some of the world’s leading statesmen, CEOs of multinational corporations, cultural leaders, and the biggest celebs in the international film, television, and music industry. Seeing Lior perform, especially for you, up close and right in front of you and your audience, instead of on-screen or a distant stage, is a mind-blasting and fascinating experience, full of surprises, astonishment, and laughter, an experience that really has no words to describe it in terms of quality and entertainment.

Do you want a private, prestigious, and original show? Looking for something special and amazing for a birthday where your guests include celebrities and prominent people? A private performance by Lior Suchard is a perfect choice!