Do Sensory Artists Have Mystical Capabilities?

Quite often, sensory artists and mentalists are perceived as having mystical powers and capabilities, such as the ability to predict the future, read thoughts, prophetic powers and so forth, as far as the imagination can run. This is apparently because this field of entertainment, which has become very popular and grown significantly over the years (especially due to Lior Suchard’s unique efforts), creates unbelievable, surprising, and completely inexplicable entertainment acts that often leaves the audience speechless.

In addition, it is possible that this relatively widespread perception that sensory artists have mystical or magical supernatural powers also comes from entertainers – past and present – who claim that they in fact use special “powers” to perform their mentalism and sensory art acts. The truth, as we will immediately explain and demonstrate, is much simpler and free of any powers from mysterious worlds.

The truth regarding the mystical abilities of sensory artists

Honestly, from a more personal point of view, Lior Suchard has been asked over and over again throughout his career whether he has supernatural, mystical powers that enable him to perform the inexplicable acts that he does on stages and in front of television viewers. In practice, the question itself amuses Lior, because he has always said that he has never done anything supernatural or mystical on stage before. Rather, it is all the product of a lot of study, planning, practice, and exceptional professionalism in implementing a range of psychological, scientific, and entertainment techniques necessary to create an innovative, amazing, breathtaking act that the audience in fact perceives as enigmatic.

How does it happen?

The simple truth regarding this common and even natural question about the capabilities of sensory artists is that mentalists and sensory artists do not have any supernatural powers. Instead of this irrational, mystical, and not exactly logical explanation, a professional and successful sensory artist uses a range of psychological techniques related to cognition, thoughts, and perception, sleight of hand and other exercises, which must be performed with the utmost precision and skill, in order to create an illusion of mystical abilities.

The difference between a sensory artist and a fortune teller

While sensory artists may sometimes seem like fortune tellers, there is a material difference between these two areas of entertainment. Fortune tellers (not in the sense of academic or economic predictions, but rather as a form of entertainment or even a “therapy”) cannot actually foresee the future.

Fortune tellers will claim that they have real, practical mystical and supernatural powers and that they use them to provide people with precise personal or general predictions about what will happen in the near or distant future. Professional sensory artists do not claim that such powers or capabilities exist at all, and essentially do not claim that they can predict the future, nor do they give advice regarding the future decisions or actions of participants at a show. 

Mentalism and sensory art – not mind reading or prophetic powers!

Mentalism is a form of entertainment that emphasizes stage and entertainment elements such as “mind reading,” predicting choices and events that will happen to participants at a show, manipulation of thoughts of participants in a manner that leads them to do, experience, or choose a specific thing, and so forth.

But again, there is no actual element of mind reading involved, nor a mystical influence on thoughts, prophecies or predictions of the future. Sensory artists apply their knowledge of psychology, human behavior, distraction, thought patterns, cognitive and visual misconceptions that are smart and intelligent, and other professional tools (some of which are “trade secrets,” of course).

Sensory artists who claim to have mystical or supernatural powers are being untruthful and betraying this captivating and amazing entertainment profession. According to Lior’s outlook, there is something very elegant, respectful, and impressive about integrating skills that require a lot of practice, planning, and precision and that are inspired by a range of scientific areas in order to create such a special entertainment effect, to the point that the audience thinks that the sensory artist has supernatural capabilities.

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