Is the Ability to be a Mentalist an Inborn Talent?

In mentalism, the entertainment art that Lior Suchard is so closely identified with as one of the leading and most well-known mentalists in the world today, the segments performed are simply unbelievable and breath-stopping, to the point that it often seems as if Lior and other mentalists have a genuine superpower. But do you need to be born with the capabilities of a mentalist in order to enter this captivating field, or is it something you can learn? We will answer this question shortly.

But before we get into the fine details of the answer to the question of whether mentalism capabilities are inborn or can be acquired, the quick answer is – no one is born a mentalist. A person must learn how to apply the complex and diverse skills involved in the world of mentalism.

Again, although it would be very cool if Lior did have a supernatural power for reading minds and predicting the future, these are not magical abilities or innate powers, but rather the precise, careful application of special entertainment skills. A person is not “born” with these skills, rather they must be acquired and learned through a lot of study and hard work.

At the same time, not just anyone can reach the high levels and succeed in creating special mentalism segments that are successful, surprising, and draw the audience into a fun, unique entertainment experience.

So how does one become a mentalist?

To start, the basic thing necessary in order to begin learning mentalism and developing the various capabilities needed for this entertainment art is interest and curiosity about the human brain and the way the brain and thoughts work. In addition, an interest in people and an abundance of artistic energy to stand on stage and take the audience on an enjoyable, mesmerizing, and surprising journey. This combination of a desire to be a performer on stage and fundamental curiosity about the brain how human thoughts can be manipulated, is what creates a mentalist.

Mentalism is science and art, so even the most successful mentalists apply this unique combination to every stage or event where they perform. At a show, Lior Suchard integrates and applies techniques from the worlds of psychology, guided imagery, suggestion, reading body language, NLP, strong memory, quick calculations, smart and elegant use of visual aids, and many other professional elements that create amazing segments such as mind reading, predicting the future, and so forth. Everything looks so natural and easy, like some sort of special superpower, but what isn’t seen on stage are the many years of study, endless practice, preparations, and difficult, extensive development in terms of knowledge, stage skills, and bringing it all together into a successful show.

No one is born a mentalist; you can learn to be a mentalist, with a lot of study, practice, and constant development. But the right personality, charisma, and the ability to draw spectators into a unique entertainment experience is definitely necessary too.

What does need to be inborn though?

It’s true that mentalism skills are not inborn, and no one becomes a mentalist or sensory artist overnight, but rather studies and acquires skills and capabilities over years of work, learning, and tons of practice. Yet, only few can truly develop into master mentalists like Lior Suchard, because they have the personality traits and characteristics that must be inborn.

A successful, innovative, leading mentalist who appears on the most prestigious stages in the world, stars on prime-time television all over the globe, and emcees the finest events, must be born with high-level entertainment charisma and leadership qualities, with a desire to perform and entertain people, and with an inquisitive, scholarly personality, who isn’t afraid to work hard and practice a lot in order to obtain the necessary skills.