What is an Emcee?

Over his years of activity emceeing prestigious, large events all over the world, Lior Suchard’s name has become somewhat synonymous with hosting glittering, successful corporate and business events at the highest levels. Whether emceeing an event in front of leading statesmen and CEOs of huge corporations, or hosting your company event locally, there are basic common elements and similarities – and the emcee leads it all and hosts the event.

Today, we will explain what a corporate emcee does, the close connection between professional hosting and the success of a business event, and other important things to know as you prepare for your next event.

What is an emcee and what does he do?

The master of ceremonies at the event of a company, corporation, or organization is the most important ingredient for the success of the entire event. It is the point that brings together all of the different elements that go into organizing a corporate event. The emcee is not involved in managing and operating the logistics of the event (that is the job of the event producer or manager); rather, he artistically masters hosting the event, providing information, creating entertaining elements that connect the participants to the experience, integrating messages and values that are important to the organization hosting the event, and so forth.

Corporate, business emcees introduce the content, the information transmitted, the speakers, the panel discussions, and all of the other parts of the event, and they are the connecting link that makes it all run smoothly, in an entertaining way. The emcee is vital to the success of events such as conferences, launches, exhibitions, company events, team-bonding, investor/partner conventions, and so forth.

What is this include in practice?

In order to bring this all down to earth, here are a few elements and components that a corporate event host implements. Later on, we will describe the unique, enthralling way that Lior Suchard, a world-renowned master mentalist and event host, does these things.

  • Opening remarks for the event, introducing the event, the organization behind it, what is planned, and so forth.
  • Presenting the speaker or the stage of the event, and connecting between each part in an entertaining and fun way that is also informative, according to the nature of the event.
  • Amusing interludes between the different content elements of the event.
  • Leading and facilitating panel discussions.

Lior Suchard, Master of Ceremonies

Like everything that he does, when it comes to hosting corporate events, Lior takes emceeing and business hosting to the highest level, with his unique style and touches that really round out the entire experience. Lior’s one-of-a-kind, captivating model for hosting events artistically integrates entertainment with providing information (infotainment), so that your guests receive all of the information that they need, a fun, high-quality host, and a powerful, enchanting entertainment experience that lifts your event up to new levels.

Lior personally tailors his style to your event, weaving together the messages, hospitality, and entertainment segments according to the style and themes that you are looking for as the event hosts. He masterfully and refreshingly integrates between classic emceeing and breathtaking sensory art entertainment, setting your event aside from all the rest.

Emceeing and Corporate Hospitality

A master of ceremonies is, as aforementioned, the culmination of your corporate hospitality preparations, beginning with the arrival of the guests at the event. By definition, corporate hospitality is all of the processes intended to entertain and cause guests and participants at an event to feel comfortable and enjoy the occasion, whether these are customers, employees, partners, or any other guests. The purpose is to make them feel welcome, show them that you have invested thought and effort in their enjoyment, and to make a positive impression on the participants at the event.

It begins as soon as they step into the venue – the design, the reception, the service by the staff, the food, and so forth. When the emcee connects it all together and manages to provide the ultimate corporate hospitality, which is informative and suits the essence and messages of the event, while simultaneously is also entertaining and enjoyable in itself, the participants leave the event and can sum it up in one word – Wow!