What are the Most Popular Entertainment Shows Today?

Entertainment was always a significant and important need for human society, but the entertainment world is a very dynamic one, and what was popular in the past has been completely forgotten today. If so, what are the most popular entertainment shows that win over audiences today? There is stand-up comedy, which has significantly developed and become popular all over the world, high-quality musical performances, cinema of course, and more. But alongside all of these, and sometimes one level above them, one of the most popular, growing forms of entertainment over the past few decades is undoubtedly mentalism and sensory art.

Mentalism became one of the most popular and revolutionary types of entertainment in recent years, apparently because the shows integrate a few different styles and create a unique experience that is surprising, funny, and captivating, with elements from the worlds of magic, psychology, and illusion, wrapped up in a great and humorous show.

A short history of mentalism and sensory art performances

Mentalism as an entertainment art has very deep roots, even going hundreds of years back, but it also underwent a renaissance in the nineteenth century. But the modern and innovative style of mentalism as we know it today started to gain popularity toward the end of the twentieth century. With mentalists and illusion artists such as Darren Brown, Chris Angel, and of course the Israeli entertainer Uri Geller, the field became popular and gained significant exposure.

In Israel, this form of entertainment garnered many fans and picked up momentum, reaching its status today as one of the most beloved and popular types of shows in the country. On the television show, The Successor (also known as The Next Uri Geller), a team of experts and Uri Geller himself selected Lior Suchard as his successor and the most promising future mentalist. It would be an understatement to say that Lior definitely exceeded their expectations.

What is different and special about a mentalism show compared to other types of entertainment?

Mentalism is different than other stage and entertainment arts in a few ways. Mentalists use different techniques, such as psychology, suggestion, guided imagery, illusion, visual and perceptive misconceptions, and so forth, in order to produce results that seem to contradict logic and seem like real “superpowers.” These sensory artists will use their stage and entertainment techniques to create an illusion – a very genuine-looking one – of mind reading, predicting events, and manipulating people and objects.

Therefore, what makes mentalism different than other areas of entertainment is mainly the focus on the human mind and the power of suggestion, within an entertainment experience filled with surprises, humor, active audience participation, building tension, anticipation, and a moving, captivating result, for a truly super-sensory experience.

What caused the meteoric rise in mentalism’s popularity?

As aforementioned, mentalism and sensory art performances have become especially beloved today, in Israel and worldwide. This is because, among other reasons, they feature a unique combination of illusion and “magic” with psychology and neuroscience.  The audience is captivated by the mentalist’s seemingly supernatural capabilities and the genre strongly attracts people of all ages, cultures, and social backgrounds.

In addition, many mentalists – and Lior Suchard is definitely a prime example of this – are perceived as entertainers and performers who are full of charisma and have a great talent for drawing in their audience.

Where to find a special mentalism performance

The popularity of mentalism and sensory art and the sensational rise of international entertainers, such as Lior Suchard, led to a significant increase in entertainers who entered this field or are interested in learning and working in this unique field of mentalism. The demand is at its peak and there is definitely competition between many different sensory artists of various types and styles. But on the highest dimension of shows and bookings worldwide, there are still certain star entertainers who lead and dominate the field and are the familiar face of the art.

In Israel and definitely around the world as well, Lior Suchard is one of the most well-known among the master mentalists active today. Therefore, attending one of Lior’s shows is certainly the best, most captivating, and greatest opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind performance at the highest possible level.