Recommendations for the best artists for a special occasion

Special occasions demand a special entertainment program and first-class artists if you want to give your guests something special and unique that will not only interest and entertain them but also give added value and an unforgettable experience. This is true whether it’s a glamorous wedding, a unique bar-mitzvah celebration or a party for celebrities – events that must have that WOW factor, especially when the guests have seen and experienced everything.

If you’re looking for a first-class, mesmerizing artist for your special event, then without a doubt, having Lior Suchard  as the “main event” is an amazing choice, one that beats all the others.

Not more of the same!

Lior Suchard, the leading and most famous mentalist in Israel and the world gives you an entertainment experience second to none and most definitely not “more of the same”. A unique show, adapted to your desires and needs, one that excites the audience, leaving them speechless and amazed.  He presents impossible feats of mentalism, interlaced with laughter and humor of world class standards.

Lior creates a performance that is fully tailored to your special event. He understands your audience, the essence of your event, the style you want and the message you want to deliver. He does more than show his skills and entertain with astounding acts of mentalism, he skillfully involves the audience and adds his witty humor as an integral part of the show. The audience feels that they were more than passive onlookers and their involvement makes the event even more memorable and successful.

The perfect artist for a wedding celebration

Lior is an original and unique choice for this important day. He will make your exciting and romantic day even more special and memorable. Lior is the perfect master of ceremonies, with his refined humor and amazing skills he will sweep your guest off their feet as he makes them laugh and amazes them. But, at the same time, he makes sure that his style matches the theme of the wedding, and the full focus of the celebration stays on you as a couple.

One thing you can be sure of, when Lior Suchard hosts your wedding, you and your guests will have an experience like no other, one that will remain with you forever.

The perfect master of ceremonies for a bar or bat mitzvah

Lior Suchard is definitely one of the most highly recommended artists for special events. This is especially true for a bar or bat mitzvah event where the entertainment must be extra special. With his exciting and breathtaking mentalist performance, perfectly adapted to a young audience , the theme of the party and with special attention being paid to the bar or bat mitzvah, he provides the celebration and its participants with a unique and exciting experience that will stay with them for many years.

The perfect entertainer for private and business events

As the leading mentalist in Israel and the world, Lior is the entertainer of choice for countless private and business events. Lior Suchard has rich experience performing at prestigious business events, acting as the host for leading global brands and organizations at their conferences and events.

Expect to get the experience of a lifetime as you and your guests become active participants in a show that will launch your event higher and higher.