How can you tell whether you are at a show that stimulates all of your senses?

Whether you maintain the standard, familiar definition of the five senses, or you prefer the scientific, newer approach that claims we have dozens of different senses that are expressed in various ways and have a range of nuances, you’ve probably heard of the concept of an experience that stimulates all of the senses. It refers to a powerful, meaningful experience that creates a palpable, strong effect; in this context, we’re referring to an entertainment show that is a multi-sensory experience in the full sense of the word.

So how can you tell whether you are at a show that stimulates all of your senses? Is it physical sensations and different thoughts, or is it an overall unique experience? Is every sensory artist capable – practically and perception-wise – of providing you with such a powerful multi-sensory experience? Let’s delve into the answers to these exact questions and see how Lior Suchard, the most popular mentalist in the world and an entertainer who is a real artist in his field, definitely meets the expectations and takes you on an amazing entertainment journey of sensory stimulation and supersensual perception.

What is different about a multi-sensory show?

An entertainment show that activates all of the senses is a very powerful and special experience, one that arouses a wide range of feelings within you and contains a rare, hard-to-find combination of effects, responses, and impacts of the content of the show on you as a viewer and participant.

For example, a stand-up comedy show primarily arouses reactions such as laughter, a dramatic play arouses your thoughts and love of a good story, and an interesting lecture arouses your curiosity and an interest in learning more about the subject. In contrast, a show that activates all of your senses, like Lior Suchard’s mentalism and sensory art show, arouses a number of different responses and definitely stimulates several senses.

In a multi-sensory and supersensual show such as Lior Suchard’s incredible shows, you experience a lot of laughter, you are constantly being surprised, feeling curious to know how he did what he did, and feeling incredulous that you actually saw what Lior just managed to do. Your thoughts are aroused, your perception of reality is shaken, and most of all, you enjoy yourself thoroughly and in a very colorful way.

A different and captivating entertainment experience

A multi-sensory show features unbelievable acts of mentalism and sensory art that are all peppered with the wonderful and precise sense of humor of the great performer Lior Suchard. It is undoubtedly a singular and enthralling entertainment experience that leaves a deep, multi-sensory impression on you long after the show has ended.

While in Lior’s regular hall shows, your sense of taste and smell usually will not be stimulated, at least not during the show itself, you will definitely undergo a supersensual experience that seems supernatural and inexplainable, in light of the mentalism achievements that Lior succeeds in performing, surprising you again and again. During Lior’s mentalism shows, he stimulates the senses of sight, hearing, and touch of the participants while simultaneously working wonders through other senses and nuances, such as influencing thoughts, imagination, understanding how the human brain operates and thinks, and applying clever, breathtaking manipulations on a range of “sensors” that you have, all while producing entertaining, funny, and inexplainable acts. A leader in the field of mentalism and sensory art!

Looking for a show that will stimulate all of your senses? Want an entertainment show that is different, unique, and amazing – something unlike any other live performance? Order tickets or contact the staff at Lior Suchard and book him for an unforgettable show that will be tailored especially for you.