Is It Possible to Lie to a Sensory Artist?

The ability to identify when someone is telling the truth and when they are lying has been studied and discussed at length in the worlds of psychology, behavioral sciences, politics, and a range of other areas. Subjects such as body language, small, minor movements of the eyes and facial muscles, neurological aspects of lying – all of these are addressed when experts and various people attempt to define how to tell when somebody is lying. It is only natural for this subject to arise in relation to the type of entertainment known as sensory art and mentalism, a field that plays on the fine line between techniques and skills and “supernatural powers.”

So, is it possible to lie to a sensory artist? Or would a master mentalist and respected sensory artist, like Lior Suchard, be able to use his skills and stage experience to identify the slight nuances and various characteristics that a person expresses when they are lying or not telling the whole truth?

Nonverbal hints behind the words

Today, the widespread outlook in behavioral sciences and communication is that only a small percentage of interpersonal human communication is composed of words. All of the rest of the communication between people is made up of body language and nonverbal signs. But because our culture puts such a strong, substantial emphasis on words and on verbal messages, many of us tend to ignore these significant and sometimes clear signs that are transmitted not through words, but through body language and nonverbal hints.

Think about how obvious it is when one side in a conversation between two people seems to be participating and expressing an interest in the conversation according to the words that they are saying, but their body language clearly shows their discomfort in the situation. This is true in ally types of interpersonal communication, and especially when a person is lying or not telling the full truth.

A sensory artist, as an integral part of their work and of the captivating and enthralling world of mentalism, makes extensive use of the ability to read body language and analyze – in real time and at amazing speed – those nonverbal messages. This aspect of human communication is essentially a critical part of what makes Lior Suchard’s sensory art performances so breathtaking, unbelievable, and superb.

Can a sensory artist identify whether something is true or false?

In shows, at events, and on television programs, Lior Suchard definitely reads body language and uses a range of other mentalism, sensory art, and entertainment techniques, in order to surprise his audience and have them sitting on the edges of their seats, not believing or understanding how he did what he did. He does not use supernatural powers, of course, but rather precisely and professionally implements techniques and elements.

Does that mean that he can also tell, with complete certainty, whether the person standing in front of him is lying or telling the truth? Not necessarily, and this isn’t what mentalism and sensory art is actually about. But in contrast with most people, it is possible to say that it is significantly more difficult to lie to a professional sensory artist who is experienced without them figuring it out, because of those skills they have acquired in reading body language and understanding the meaning of nonverbal traits and messages.

You may think that this ability to easily identify when the person standing in front of you is lying or not telling the full truth could be very useful in a range of situations in life – for example, when someone is trying to sell you something… But in fact, the role of a master mentalist comes with responsibility as well, and so this skill is applied mainly for the purpose of creating a great and more surprising sensory art performance.

Among other things, parts of Lior’s show require participants from the audience to tell the truth, and the segments themselves are based on participants cooperating and being sincere. Therefore, as part of the lengthy, deep process of planning and preparing a show, it is also necessary to hone one’s techniques for identifying lies.

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