How important is the main act at a corporate event?

Corporate and employee appreciation events must be special, original and with that added surprise factor that will make it memorable. One option is an entertaining act as the peak of your event.

Let’s review how important is this for the large corporate event you have so carefully planned and how can a main act influence the participants and bring your message across exactly as you planned.

How important? VERY IMPORTANT!

How important is a great act to your corporate event? Very important! Of course, not every corporate event has a huge main act or attraction, but if there is a central act, then the event takes on a whole new dimension and creates an even greater impact on the participants.

Even if the corporate event takes place at least once a year, it’s still not a regular occurrence when placed alongside the company’s ongoing activities. It usually marks a special occasion or has a special purpose. That’s why it’s so important that participants enjoy the event, have a great experience and be made to feel as if they are part of the corporate “family”.

 Advantages of an original main act at your corporate event

  • Participants enjoy an entertaining act that shows the effort that has gone into planning and their importance to the company.
  • The main event promotes your company’s branding and increases participants organizational identity.
  • A fun filled, exciting show brings people together and connects them to the brand and the company. It also increases individual and organizational motivation to continue growing and developing.
  • Provides a unique experience, one that stands out from all the other attractions that audiences have already seen at other corporate events.

A “main show” designed specifically for your event and starring Lior Suchard, is a unique experience that will leave a positive and lasting impression on your audience.

The main show for a corporate event with master mentalist Lior Suchard

When Lior Suchard, world class mentalist and performer, is invited to produce and host the main act at a corporate event, he invests a huge amount of time and effort to create a special show, one adapted personally to his client’s needs, and that will excite and amaze his audience every time.

When Lior Suchard is the star attraction at your corporate or employee appreciation event, you get a breathtaking SHOW, one that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats and entertained from start to finish. Lior provides an experience like no other and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. He builds a mentalist show that is perfectly and personally  adapted to your company, brand and organizational culture. A show where your employees play an active role in unbelievable feats of mentalism, all wrapped with Lior’s elegant humor, and enjoying every second of an exciting and ever-changing atmosphere.

Looking for an original, special, funny and unforgettable main show for your next corporate event? Contact Lior Suchard’s team and start the journey to the show of a lifetime and a successful event.