What does a Day in the Life of Lior Suchard Look Like?

Lior Suchard is a very familiar personality in Israel and worldwide, an entertainment artist whose name has already become synonymous with mentalism and sensory art, and a unique entertainer who appears on the biggest international stages, leading prime-time shows and media outlets. Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of Lior Suchard, who is famous for his excellent entertainment capabilities and also for his exceptional mentalism skills, looks like? Today, we’ll give you an inside peek.

Lots of traveling and flights with a strong anchor at home

Lior Suchard, originally from Haifa, lives in Tel Aviv today with his wife Tal and their three children. In terms of his personal life, as an international stage artist, the routine at the Suchard household includes a lot of driving to shows and mainly flights around the world to various shows, events, and activities, but always with a strong, stable anchor connecting him to his home in Israel.

While Lior works with an excellent team who help him with the various tasks involved in running such a big, successful global entertainment career, at the end of the day, Lior is the “product” himself and the one who appears, emcees, and creates new, breakthrough mentalism and sensory art segments. It’s a vibrant life full of activity, travel, investment, and of course, personal-family prices to pay that go hand in hand with exciting success and growth.

Do the mentalism capabilities from the stage influence his everyday life?

When a person is involved in the entertainment world of mentalism and sensory art, a stage art whose very essence is influencing the brain, the perception of reality, and people’s thoughts, many wonder whether the capabilities expressed on stage also influence Lior Suchard’s everyday life.

Of course, in his private and family life, Lior doesn’t use mentalism techniques on his family and friends. But he definitely uses the tools that exist in mentalism and sensory art to create good social interactions that are high-quality and deeper, and to improve himself as a person, a father, and a spouse. We’re referring to tools such as intuition, NLP techniques, deep, precise reading of body language, and understanding cognitive and emotional contexts in situations with people.

So no, as a very experienced master mentalist, Lior does not apply mentalism techniques in situations that are not a show or a special event in which he is performing, but mentalism definitely gives Lior many tools and capabilities that can help him function in a range of life situations correctly and more precisely.

What preparations are necessary before a show?

A significant part of Lior Suchard’s life are the long, extensive preparations for shows and for new mentalism segments. This is a unique entertainment field that integrates a range of aspects and fields and must be super-precise and clever in order to succeed in obtaining the amazing effect that makes Lior so famous. Therefore, preparing for a new show is a lengthy, exhausting, and very complex process in terms of the time and extent of the resources that must be invested. Building a tour of several shows, for example, usually takes longer than a full year.

Preparing for a new show, a tour of shows or a special private event takes a lot of prior practicing, clever, precise structuring of all of the components, and mental and physical exercises to stay in shape and be at his prime at any given moment, and especially during performances and events. These preparations include building the different stages and components of the show and of each mentalism or sensory art segment, a lot of rehearsing so that everything is perfect, and cognitive and practical development of new segments that captivate the viewers and wow them, constantly renewing and recreating this field of entertainment that Lior leads and that is so commonly identified with him.