What is the Best Show for a Company Event?

When it comes to choosing the artistic program and the entertainment for a company event or corporate occasion – the type of event that must be perfect, glimmering, and impressive, the search can often feel like a quest for hidden treasure. We will look now at a few of the options that you can choose from and we will propose a show that will provide your guests with an unforgettable experience and leave them surprised and satisfied.

Whether you are looking for a show in the style of magic or sensory art, or if you lean more toward elegant, clever humor, or maybe you actually want to produce a company event that completely resembles the style and motifs of exclusive events abroad – well, you can receive all of these from Lior Suchard! In a breathtaking, funny, amazing, and captivating show, Lior takes you and your audience on a journey to crazy places where mentalism and sensory art reign, with a lot of laughter and humor incorporated skillfully, charismatic stage capabilities, and of course full personalization according to your company and the characteristics of your audience.

Ideas and options for an entertainment show at a company event

Stand-up comedy

It is always fun to laugh and relax, especially with a group of employees or an audience with similar characteristics. This can make the experience stronger, cause the group to feel united and emotionally connected, and is simply a lot of fun. But it is important to choose carefully and set the appropriate the atmosphere according to the type of audience – which can be challenging when it comes to the content.

Comedy and improvisation show

Similar to stand-up comedy, this type of show is dedicated to laughter and a theatrical experience. Funny segments and skits, improvisation of the entertainers on stage, and even active participation of the audience.

Music performances of a recognized artist

Most people enjoy music and bringing an attractive and special musical performance to your company event can definitely be exciting for the audience and make them feel appreciated and involved. Try to aim for a broad common theme and bring a well-known, popular singer or band.

An inspiring and amusing lecture

While it is not exactly a show, if it is appropriate for the type and nature of the event, you can choose an interesting lecture that is stands out in the field, is full of inspiration, and because it is a company event, it is also a good idea for there to be certain elements of humor so that it does not feel too heavy.

Mentalism and sensory art

Of course, we have finally reached the captivating, entertaining, and enjoyable possibility of having a mentalism and sensory art show at your company event. Segments that are personalized, with active participation of the audience and endless different surprises that the human brain just cannot wrap itself around, definitely creates an unforgettable, special, and fun experience.

A winning combination of comedy, mentalism, and a show that is entirely entertainment magic!

If we already said that a mentalism and sensory art show has the winning combination of special and fun elements for a company event, then when it comes to an exclusive, personalized show by Lior Suchard, the master mentalist who is one of the most famous leaders in the world and the person who is significantly responsible for the meteoric rise of the popularity of this field in Israel – you and your audience will receive the very best of the best.

Lior is a sensational entertainer who is full of charisma and has a strong, powerful presence on stage. He builds his mentalism shows for company events in a precise manner, with a lot of preparation and practice, and personalizes the segments for your company event – in terms of messages, target audience, special content, “inside jokes” of the company, and more.

In Lior Suchard’s mentalism and sensory art performances, your audience will remain at the edge of their seats, captivated and surprised over and over again. People are shocked and cannot understand, How did he do that?! Segments involving mind reading and predicting what participants will do or choose. There are perceptional illusions that are inexplicable and much more entertaining content that comes together in a funny, surprising, and exciting show that all of your guests will definitely remember for a long time.